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Mailchimp can go out the window because US software is not GDPR compliant. That’s a bit of a swallow, because it’s a user-friendly email program that many organizations deploy. What are good alternatives?

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Do you find it hard to find privacy-friendly software? We did some front work for you and figured out which free mail services are good alternatives to Mailchimp. Of course, there are more — paid — privacy-friendly programs to list, but for this article we stick to free mail services. After all, Mailchimp is also free for a mailing list of up to 2,000 recipients. Organizations/services/companies are in random order.

Mailer Lite

The free version of MailerLite can be used with up to 1,000 subscribers. However, you can send 12,000 emails a month. For this free variant, you have to do it without live chat support, there are no templates and the Mailerlite logo in your mails. A/B split tests are not possible (but “regular” A/B tests) and you won’t be able to access heatmaps either.

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European customers become customers at MailerLite Limited in Ireland. They all have (sub) processors in the EU. The Data Processing Agreement (DPA) looks good. The only downside is the connection to an American company, but the various measures they take have minimized the risk that the US government can access the data. They do this by setting up a separate company, using only processors in the EU, adhering to standard contractual clauses and keeping security in order (ISO certificate).



Laposta can also send 12,000 newsletters per month, but you can send them to 2,000 “relationships”. The mails of the free version contain the Laposta logo, and with a paid account you can only email the help desk. templates are also available to non-paying customers.

This company is based in the Netherlands, so obliged to comply with the GDPR. They have an ISO certificate for security. The Data Processing Agreement is not publicly available, but only when you create an account. That’s why we couldn’t see this one. Paying customers have the option to submit their own processing agreement to Laposta.


Newsletter 2 Go

Newsletter2Go is free of charge for 1000 mails per month. You can access that free account with one user and use one address book. It is a German company, part of a French company (Sendinblue) that requires it to comply with GDPR. A basic processing agreement is included in the terms and conditions sufficient to meet all GDPR requirements.


Your Mailing List Provider

You can email up to 1,000 contacts in the free version of Your Mailing List Provider. This version doesn’t show statistics, such as opens and clicks. That’s why this service isn’t really right for you if you want to start email marketing a little bit seriously.

The company from Belgium must comply with the GDPR and has incorporated a processing agreement in the terms and conditions. It also promises not to process data from outside the EU and EEA.



Because Sendinblue contains a free variant, it’s on this list. But you can only send 300 mails a day with this free version — not really a good alternative to Mailchimp. It’s a French company, so it has to comply with GDPR.


Do you have good additions to this list of Mailchimp alternatives? We love to hear it!

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