How to set up a Facebook chatbot

Find out how to set up Facebook Messenger (chat function) on your Facebook Page in 5 steps without any complicated Facebook Messenger chatbot software (although I recommend it! 🙂).


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Ensure your Facebook chat message feature on your Facebook Page

Please note that you can’t see it’s actually on, so make sure you log in as a page visitor. Watch the video above for tips and instructions:How to enable your Facebook chat feature on your Facebook Page:

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Immediately make your chat window visible when people get to your Facebook Page

Instantly displaying a chat window makes it easier (accessible) for your page visitor to contact you directly. You go to Facebook settings page > posts > general settings > turn on the “Start a Messenger Conversation” function

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Show a Facebook Messenger greeting

Make a greeting that people see when they first start a conversation with you through Messenger. See ‘1″ in the image below: “Hello Ria, thank you for contacting us through Messenger…”




Show your frequently asked questions instantly (optional)

To make it easier for your Facebook Page visitor, you can make the questions important to you directly visible during the Facebook Messsenger greeting (see step 3 and image above). This way you can help your ideal customer, your Facebook Page visitor to start a conversation with your Facebook Page. Please note this question is visible in your Facebook Messenger and you can reply manually via Facebook Messenger. If you want an automated system and/or funnel, I advise you to use a Facebook Messenger chatbot such as Manychat or Inboxr. (see other tools/software, essential tools for your online business)

You go to your Facebook Inbox > Auto Responses > Enable Frequently Asked Questions feature > Ask Question 1 and Set your automatic answer (optional). You can also choose to answer this question manually.


Auto Responses Setup

Reply instantly, with an automated response, after someone sends a Facebook Messenger message to your page. You can activate the feature in 2 ways: 1. Click on the link via Facebook > Settings > Scroll down to ‘During a Messenger Call’ > Click Setup


2. Go to Inbox and select Auto Responses > Away Message


Do you know you can customize your Facebook Messenger message for both your Instagram and Messenger? Timing is also adjustable. By default, you can set when you’re away, for example outside your opening hours. And of course, your chat message is customizable. Also consider: what’s the next step you want your visitor to take? In this example, I refer them to my free From Click to Customer Facebook Group (you can’t post a clickable link so do you need to be creative?)


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If you do use Facebook chatbot software (such as Manychat, MobileMonkey or Inboxr), the above settings will be superfluous. Make sure your Message tags are enabled and comply with the (new) Facebook Messenger Rules.


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