How to set up a Facebook chatbot

The possibilities to use Facebook Messenger bots for your business are very diverse. Because of all these possibilities, most entrepreneurs, perhaps you too, don’t see the forest through the trees anymore. Below, using existing cases, I’ve shown multiple application options to give you a picture/inspiration of how easy it can be to use Facebook Messenger bots for your business.

Of course there are countless other options… Just let them know in a comment on this blog.

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1. Let potential customers take part in a quiz

I’m sure you’ve seen a quiz on Facebook. Think of: What character from Game of Thrones are you? Are you more of a dog or cat lover?

A quiz is a very fun and interactive way to connect with your potential customers. Why is a quiz so much fun? People really curious about it results they get in a quiz, we want to know how well we score, share the results with friends and recognize ourselves in the result. That curiosity makes us participate in a quiz.

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Some examples of a Facebook Messenger bot quiz:

  • What type of supervisor are you?
  • What car should you drive if we look at your driving behaviour or personality?
  • How much do you know about wines/beers? Are you a true connoisseur?
  • Are you a Facebook expert or a beginner?

What does a Facebook Messenger quiz look like?

Using an example, this is the easiest way to explain. As an example, we use the Godere Wines quiz. Godere Wines sells fine wines online. They created a quiz by means of a Messenger bot to get in touch with potential customers. They share the quiz through a Facebook post. To participate in the quiz, a person needs post the word “Wijnquiz” in a comment on the Facebook post. After the response, the chatbot sends the person a chat message directly within Facebook Messenger, as shown below:


To start the quiz it requires the person to respond to the chat message. After this comment, the Messenger bot sends a new chat message with the ability to start the quiz. If you press “Start the Quiz”, the chatbot will send you the first question (see below).

****1 Continuation of Godere Wines Wine Quiz in Facebook Messenger

Join the Facebook Messenger quiz and win a full Quiz template for your Facebook Messenger bot!

2. Generate sales for events or products

Just like email marketing, you’re building a list of people within your Facebook Messenger bot. It is allowed to use the persons who allow you to send a personal chat message in your Messenger bot. Due to the high open and click-through rates of the chat messages, these are ideal for selling your products or services. Sending such chat messages have rules… So you can only send a promotional chat message within 24 hours of a person’s last interaction with your chatbot.

For example, we have used the ability to send instant messages to sell tickets for the Facebook Business Update.

A chat message (also referred to as “Broadcast”) about the Facebook Business Update sends to the Messenger list.

When I suggested Mark to send the above chat message, Mark was very skeptical at first: ‘Are we not spamming them now? ‘. “No, “I answer. The people in our Messenger list knew they could receive such messages. In addition to Mark I talked to many other entrepreneurs who are skeptical about sending instant messages to (potential) customers because they expect it to be perceived as annoying. But is it? My experience is that this isn’t true. Just look at the results below:

✅ 98.7% read the post (open ratio) ✅ 28.5% clicked through the message (click-through rate)

Results (open- and click-through ratio) of the chat message sent

These results are many times better than the results of our email campaigns. Based on the results above, you can conclude that people from your Messenger list interact well with instant messages. Why else would so many people click through? ?


Another great example for selling via Facebook Messenger Bot is from ShopSpring. ShopSpring is a clothing webshop for both women and men’s clothing. ShopSpring has placed a button on the webshop homepage that connects people with the Facebook Messenger bot. If you press the button, the chatbot will send an instant instant message asking if you’re looking for women’s or men’s clothing.

You make a first choice and then the Messenger bot will ask questions about price, type of product, size and color. If the Messenger bot has asked all the questions, it will send a number of products that match the answers you gave. ShopSpring has placed the in-store vendor questions in a Messenger bot to ensure that a web shop visitor can quickly see relevant products he/she can buy directly.

****4 ShopSpring’s Facebook Messenger Bot

3. Extend your service with a Facebook Messenger Bot

Messenger Bots are great for improving customer service. Questions that Facebook Messenger lets you answer bots automatically using Facebook Messenger. You can set “Keywords” that the bot can recognize. If a keyword is recognized by the bot, the chatbot will return the chat message you set up to the person. This feature makes it easy to automate answers to frequently asked questions.

How to use keywords to automate answers?

Imagine you’ve seen an ad from us about a webinar, but you don’t sign up. A day later, you decide to sign up for the webianr anyway. You won’t be able to find the ad at that time. You decide to send a message to our Facebook page. The moment your word “webinar” or “online training” sends to our Facebook page, the Messenger bot will recognize the word and send you an instant message with the ability to sign up for it. webinar.

The Messenger bot’s automatic response when someone uses the word “online training” in a message to our Facebook page


Another company that has great customer service through Facebook Messenger is KLM. If you’re travelling and booking a ticket via, make sure you want to be informed about your flight via Facebook Messenger. KLM will send you all kinds of information about your flight, such as order confirmation, reminder to check in, itinerary, any changes to your itinerary and boarding pass. If you ask a question that KLM bot cannot answer, an employee will be available to answer the question.

****6 KLM Facebook Messenger Bot

Customer Chat plugin from Facebook

Most likely it’s not you. but also on this web page there is the customer chat plugin. This Facebook plugin is a chat functionality that you can place on your website. With customer chat plugin, your website visitors can get in touch with your business quickly and easily. The advantage of this chat feature is that you can connect it directly to your Messenger bot. This makes it possible to be available to your website visitors 24/7.

“Did you know that… 53% of people report buying earlier from a company they can chat with.

This chat feature allows our website visitors to ask all their questions. If the person presses “Chat Now”, it will be in direct contact with our Messenger Bot. In the first message, the chatbot asks what the person has a question about, so someone doesn’t have to type and get immediate help. Don’t let you stop, feel free to try the chat feature out…?

In another interesting blog, we explained how to set up the customer chat plugin.

4. Share content with your fans and keep them up to date about your business.

Are you focusing on building relationships with your fans by sharing valuable content?

Messenger bots are a great channel to share this content with your fans. As mentioned above, Messenger messages are very well read by the people in your Messenger list, sometimes up to 95%! You don’t get these results with a post on your Facebook page or an email to the people in your email list. A small portion of your fans will see your Facebook posts in the news feed.

NOS update

The NOS capitalizes well on these benefits of Facebook Messenger bots. For example, the company created a separate Facebook page, the NOS update page. The moment you sign up for the Messenger bot, you’ll receive every day at 12:00 p.m., a number of chat messages with the highlights of the news. In addition to the news, you may want to receive file information or information about the weather.

****7 Some chat messages with news highlights from the NOS update Facebook page that are sent at 12:00 every day,

In addition to sharing content, you can keep your fans up to date on jo.

your business activities. For example, we send the chat messages with different content to everyone on our Messenger list. This includes information about webinars, blog posts, our Facebook posts and tips on Facebook & Instagram marketing.

An example of a recent chat message to our Messenger list for one of our webinars

It’s your turn!

At the moment there are enormous opportunities for entrepreneurs to achieve very good results. to achieve. Are you going to work with it? If so, how you’re going to use Facebook Messenger bots for your business or even better… How do you already use Facebook Messenger bots? Let us know in a comment on this blog!

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