How to protect your pool pump?

Theoretically, a good wintering at the entrance of winter helps protect its pool from frost and damage it could cause not only to the pond but also to the filtration system. Crack on the walls, deformation of the hull, burst pipelines, degradation of the coating… This can be very expensive in repair.

Wintering not always enough

However, even when wintering, your pool needs to be subject to increased monitoring and additional precautions should be taken in the event of a drop in temperatures. Some accessories will protect your pool from frost, depending on whether you have performed passive wintering (total shutdown of your pool, usually in areas with harsh winters), or active (start filtration only a few hours a day, if the winters are mild).

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The accessories to protect against frost in his pool

In case of active wintering: The start of filtration 2-3 hours a day allows water to flow through the pond and filtration system, generally avoiding the formation of frost. But in the event of a cold wave, the current alone will not be enough to protect your facilities. Accessories must be added.

  • Floats : Weighted and tied together, they are laid diagonally from the pelvis. In case of frost, they absorb the pressure of the ice resulting from the increase in the volume of water when it is in the solid state. In the colder regions, two cross float lines may be required.
  • Gizmo : placed in the skimmer, this small plastic tube absorbs the dilation of the ice, thus avoiding breakage.
  • The frost-free box : It is the ideal accessory to protect your pool from frost, in case of active wintering. Simply program it to trigger when the outside temperature reaches 0°C. At this point, the enclosure puts the filtration into forced operation. Moving water thus prevents frost from forming in the pipelines.

In case of passive wintering:

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  • Wintering plugs : They are placed in the nozzles and broom sockets to plug the pipes, thus preventing water from stagnating inside.
  • Floats and gizmo (see accessories in active wintering) are also recommended.

Filtration, a remedy for the frost of its pool

Did you not wintering your pool and the water has frozen? Two solutions are available to you.

If the thickness of ice in the basin is less than 1 cm. After checking that the discharge nozzle has not frozen, rotate the filtration 24 hours a day until the temperatures soften.

If the ice layer is more than a centimeter. Check that there is no leakage and the discharge nozzle is not caught in the ice then turn the filtration, or wait for the temperatures to rise. Do not hesitate, either, to call on a professional, who will advise you according to the type of pool you have.

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