How to play Mario Party on Switch Lite?

The Switch Lite may be smaller and cheaper than the Nintendo Switch launched in 2017, it will not be able to support certain titles.

Given its size and price, the Nintendo Switch Lite is designed primarily for use on the go. Its purpose is to give players access to the basic features of the Switch. In order to better satisfy us, the Japanese firm will authorize the transfer of the saved data between the two consoles.

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Unfortunately, due to the absence of the TV and “tabletop” modes, the owners of the Switch Lite will not be able to enjoy all the titles of the normal version. There are actually games that require compatibility with one of these modes.

Some tracks may however be played provided you have a Joy-Con controller. This will require an additional cost to obtain the controller. Needless to emphasize that this concept will make the console much less affordable.

Farewell to DIY Controller Manufacturing Kits

As notes, you will also have to say goodbye to Nintendo DIY controller manufacturing kits. For those of you who don’t know yet, these kits allow players to create robots, pianos and steering wheels in the Nintendo Lab game.

Switch Lite owners will also not be able to play Super Mario Party unless they decide to purchase a pair of Joy-Con controllers. These will connect wirelessly with the console. But as mentioned a little above, the fact of having to buy a controller separately will make the Nintendo Switch less interesting.

A mode of operation that risks slowing down sales

These technical constraints will undoubtedly negatively impact Switch Lite sales. They will encourage some people to think twice before buying the console. Recall that the price difference compared to the normal Nintendo Switch is 110€, while a pair of Joy-Con controllers costs almost 65€.

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