How to open file with.pages extension?

You received a file of type.pages? This kind of file is a file developed by Apple. When you receive a file in pages format, how to read or open it in Windows? We give you the solution to open Apple pages files on Windows in a very simple way and in particular by converting it to pdf with a popular tool.

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  • What is a page file?
  • New technologies: file compatibility and incompatibility
  • How to read a file in pages format in Windows
  • Open and read a.pages file or document with Zamzar
    • Zamzar: select the desired format
    • Switch from one file to another very simply
  • Avoid recovering a file corrupted after converting.pages — word or pdf
  • The same file quality after document conversion

pages What is a pages file?

A.pages file is a file that can contain text and images. This format is an Apple/ .pages files are usually readable on a Mac or, in any case, an Apple brand product. A tablet, smartphone (iPhone) or iMac, Apple has created its own file format .

If you receive a file in the.pages format by email and you want to view and open it after downloading it to your Windows PC, you should be aware that this will not be possible before making some changes to the file format.

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A.pages file is somehow the equivalent of Word in the Windows operating system. The problem is if you want to open a pages format file in Word, you will have a format incompatibility. You cannot read a file format pages with Word software in Windows.

New technologies: file compatibility and incompatibility

The possibilities to output files are now countless and lead to incompatibilities, especially between Apple and Windows. The two giants have created their own file extensions and these are incompatible with each other.

In order to still be able to exchange information without having the same operating systems, tools have developed to convert the most commonly used files when creating a document.

Incompatibilities between one file and another, or an operating system and another, are troublesome for users. Indeed, many people are wasting time searching for solutions by downloading apps , or changing the extension of the document. In fact, the solution is simple and can be found online in a completely free way!

How to read a file in pages format in Windows

A document with.pages format cannot be read in Windows without modification. To read a document or a page file, all your page files must first be converted .

Good to know : changing the extension of a file or document to PAGES format won’t solve the problem of reading and opening the file. The incompatibility of files and drives must be seen upstream. Sometimes changing the extension of a file will bypass the difficulty and force the file to open. Windows Word cannot support pages format.

But then, how to open a document in.pages format? The easiest way and the safest way to open a file or document in pages format without fear of corrupting it is very simple.

First you need to convert the file or document pages to pdf format. To do this, nothing more simple: you can use a format converter type tool. Zamzar is part of it and you can find it here:

By using this type of online tool, you have access to your pages files without any worries and without file corruption. By experiencing this type of tool, you don’t have to worry about your.pages files anymore. You can open and read a document or file pages you just received without having to purchase an Apple product. You also avoid applying for an Apple product loan, just to read your document or your file.

Open and read a.pages file or document with Zamzar

Zamzar is very easy to use. You arrive on the pages of the Zamzar website and you just have to let yourself be guided. Select the file or document pages after downloading it from your mailbox. You add the file to the Zamzar website. The maximum size of the file you select is 50 MB in free version.

Zamzar: select the format you want

On this website, you can choose the file format to which you want your file to be converted. The easiest way to read a page file is to convert it to pdf .

However, you should know that a file in pdf format, if it is protected, cannot be edited. You will simply have a read right to the file. Converting the document to Apple pages in PDF format allows you to read the document without any file corruption. This means that you will obtain, when converting the file to Zamzar, the exact content of the original document in.pages format.

Switch from one file to another very simply

Converting the Apple /Mac/ pages file to PDF allows you to open your pdf file in a Windows operating system. If the pdf is not protected, then you will be able to retrieve the information from the.pages document and edit it on your Windows PC. For this, there are still ways to convert PDF to Word compatible format. Try these conversions and see if they’re right for you.

It is very simple with this online tool and free (within a certain limit) to open and read files that have been created with an operating system other than yours. From Apple to Windows or From Windows to Apple , this conversion tool allows you not to waste time searching for too complex compatibility solutions.

Avoid recovering a corrupted file after converting.pages — word or pdf

Sometimes some solutions corrupt files and do not transcribe the entire contents of the document or file. Opt for Zamzar and be sure of the result of converting your.pages, pdf or Word file.

This tool has been in existence since 2006 and is a benchmark : do not panic if you receive a document that is in a format you don’t know. Zamzar can undoubtedly take care of it and offer you a pdf in exchange!

Not all file conversion combinations are available. The format type has to be roughly similar, a format equivalent, in some way. If you have an mp3 file and you want to convert it to pdf, it will simply not be possible, for reasons of encryption, theoriginal encoding and the nature of the file.

Same file quality after document conversion pages

By retrieving a file or document in PDF, you’ll be able to open it with Adobe technology on Windows. Don’t be afraid of the Apple Pages office suite specifically designed for Mac OS. Zamzar allows you to convert everything to PDF without loss of quality.

For example, you retrieve the same fonts (typos), images, and other document layout information.

So your document can be naturally ready for printing without any worries of file corruption. Any graphical information is transcribed into your file in PDF format.

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