How to make a terrace without a foundation?

To create the structure of your wooden terrace, you have 3 possibilities :

1 — laying on a concrete slab with pegs directly doweled on the slab

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2 — installation with adjustable cylinder studs of the NIVO type

3 — laying with foundation screws (solution that does not require concrete).

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Each technique has its advantages and disadvantages. Several conditions must be met for the choice of foundation screws for the construction of your timber deck.

Let’s see together the technical conditions, the role of foundation screws, as well as the advantages of using this type of material.

Technical conditions for the use of foundation screws

The construction of a wooden deck usually poses serious problems when the terrain is unstable, sloping, on unstabilized land. It is then necessary to call on a professional who will make either a concrete slab (very expensive) or concrete piles /poles on which the wooden structure will take its support. Foundation screws mainly used for civil engineering applications with hydraulic machinery to drive it are now available in small formats such as NIVO foundation screws developed by FIBERDECK.

The conditions of use of foundation screws:

  • Nature of the Earth: When the soil is unstable , in topsoil, or clay earth, a land that is rather loose like embankment, it is important to bury deeply the foundations for stability.

The foundation screw advantageously replaces the implementation of concrete studs

  • Minimum height 25cm: the necessary height between the floor and the finished height of the terrace is 25cm at least, because it requires a “cross lambourdage ” consisting of a joist of 145mm in height (45x145mm) and 60x80mm lambourd on the joist and then the thickness of the decking. The crossed lambourdade has the advantage of providing excellent ventilation in the underside of the structure. It also allows a much faster upgrade of the lambourds. The structure is therefore very durable and stable.

The foundation screw allows you to make a good anchor in depth (80cm) of the structure of your terrace. These screws can then receive a bed of joists and thus support between 450 and 900kg on each of the support points.

Implementation of foundation screws?

Implementation is relatively easy with the tools developed by NIVO

Installation of foundation screws and their L-support

Laying joists 45x145mm with 2m of Scope.

Laying the lambings 60x80mm

Installation of Decking Blades

Necessary material for laying foundation screws

  • a manual screwing tool

Manual installation is simple and easy however it requires 2 people. Manual screwing is as fast as with an impact nutrunner.

  • or a socket adapter (impact nutrunner)

To save time and have a structure built quickly, opt for a power tool. To limit the costs, consider renting it for the time of the work. (Makita TW1000 type impact nutrunner can be rented for qqs tens of euros per day from tool owners.)

What is the economy for foundation screws?

Foundation screws replace advantageously concrete studs for the construction of the structure of a wooden terrace . No need to terry, extract soil and dig to prepare the soil to receive the poured concrete. The time saving is obvious.

The selling price of these screws varies between 40 and 60 euros incl. VAT per piece equipped with their L-bracket to receive the joists. It is significantly more economical than pouring studs or a concrete slab.

At the rate of 1 screw per 2 m2, the cost of screws for a 20 m2 terrace does not exceed 500 euros or 3 X less than a concrete slab of 12cm!

They are also designed to install a pole used to stretch a shade veil. The canvas is stretched over the terrace to enjoy some shade in summer. So you can use it for the creation of a terrace structure (invisible), but also for installation of a canvas (visible).

More generally, foundation screws can also be used outside the construction of terraces. They can be used to install advertising signs, photovoltaic panels, fences, or for temporary or temporary constructions (such as buildings on construction sites).

Advantages of foundation screws for a wooden terrace

The advantages of laying foundation screws are many:

  • Eco-friendly : 100% recyclable and reusable, foundation screws are environmentally friendly and do not require concrete for installation.
  • Economical : foundation screws cost significantly less than concrete studs. Do the calculation!
  • Speed : the laying of studs requires to smooth the floor, pour concrete and then sealing metal anchors Foundation screws install by simply digging the earth vertically.
  • Strength : the foundation screws have a fairly high compression strength ratio, thus supporting the lambors and the structure of the foundation of the wooden deck. Hot-dip galvanized steel composition provides a guarantee of durability.
  • Tooling : The foundation screws are installed using a manual tool or an electric screw adapter. No need for concrete, concrete mixer, cement, etc.
  • Double lambourd : the installation of the foundation screws allows the creation of a so-called “double lambourde” structure. This makes it possible to strengthen the strength of the decking and to upgrade the decking faster.

To conclude

Foundation screws are a solution “revolutionary” for the construction of your wooden deck. FAST & ECONOMICAL!

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