How to make a knot with fabric?

Do you really want to pack your gift well, but you can’t make a beautiful ribbon bow ?

Or do you want to decorate a vase or candlestick with a ribbon bow? It doesn’t matter if You’re looking for an idea to tie a ribbon on a chair or if You need a ribbon bow for a gift, We have prepared this little guide especially for You. Let’s show you how to make a ribbon bow in a simple way but that will look like the perfect ribbons of the holiday windows!

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A bow of decorative organza ribbon made with the back of the chair.

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Ribbon bow step by step.

What do you need to make an ideal ribbon bow?

If you want to make a nice ribbon bow, prepare before all the materials and accessories necessary for its manufacture. You will need:

  • Pitch 1 — First of all, you need to prepare essential accessories

    a ribbon, a cord, a string or a strip of decorative material from which we will create the knot

  • scissors for cutting tape
  • the object that will be decorated with the ribbon, e.g.: a gift wrapped in a decorative fabric bag, a bouquet of flowers, a chair
  • a lighter or matches (useful to stop the tips of the synthetic tape so that it does not fray).

How to make a perfect ribbon bow — instructions

In order to make a classic and simplest ribbon bow, you need first of all the object to be decorated and essential accessories. First of all, it is necessary to cut with scissors the tape or fabric so we want to make the knot. Be careful, it is necessary to act with caution. Do not forget to leave a little extra fabric. If we cut too much, there is no return. It will be impossible to make a beautiful bow with a ribbon too short. The ends of the excess ribbon can be cut to the desired length after tying it.

How to make a ribbon bow from an organza bag — no 2

Tie a ribbon step by step

To tie a simple ribbon bow, You need a single long piece of ribbon. Fold the ribbon strip in four. In this way, You get both loops.

How to make a ribbon bow — no 3

How to make a ribbon bow — no 4

How to make a ribbon knot — not 5

How to form the two loops by making a ribbon bow — no 6

Cross the curls to half the length, holding them all the time. Thanks to this, in the lower part an opening between the loops is created. At this point, pass a loop through this hole. Now slowly tighten the two loops upwards and form the knot. Modeling the ribbon bow to make it symmetrical. You can cut the ends of the ribbon obliquely.

How to cross the loops with a ribbon bow — no 7

How to intertwine the loops by making a ribbon bow — no 8

How to tie a ribbon bow — not 9

A ribbon bow made on an organza bag — no 10

The cut of the tips of the ribbon — no 11

How are the ends of the ribbon bow sealed so that it does not fray?

What can you do if the tip of a synthetic ribbon frays? The edge of the ribbon can be slightly melted by approaching it to a flame (Be careful not to put the tape directly into the flame!). Take matches or lighter and burn the ribbon edges with care. The melted edges of the tape prevent it from fraying.

Remember to burn the tips of the ribbon. That way, we’re gonna stop the ribbon so that it doesn’t fray — not 12

How to pack beautifully a gift and decorate it with a ribbon or a cockarde?

Wrapping gifts can be a very simple and pleasant task. Just know and apply this little tip, Know our idea of how to beautifully pack a gift !

The linen pouches closed with a decorative ribbon with an ornamental pendant

In order for the gift you offer to be presented in an uncommon and superb way, it is necessary to look after the packaging and make it as beautiful as possible. We present you the elegant fabric bags available in different versions (we offer the pouches made of various fabrics in a wide range of colors and sizes) in our store To pack a gift, simply put the chosen item in the pouch and tighten the cord or ribbon (of different types of sachets are provided with various finishes), and the games are made! In order to make its appearance even better, you can tie on the bag a bow of decorative ribbon, a cockade or you can decorate it with a pendant .

Now You already know how to make a simple and effective ribbon bow!

If you know how to make this ribbon bow beautiful and simple, come to know more creative gift wrapping ideas for an immediate effect using the decorative pouches! To know the full offer regarding multi-use decorative fabric bags, we invite you to visit our store!

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