How to maintain a gas barbecue?

Have you purchased a gas barbecue or are you planning to buy one? What are the characteristics of the gas barbecue? How does a gas barbecue be cleaned? Is it more stringent than maintaining a conventional barbecue? Follow the guide, we tell you everything below.

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  • Gas barbecue operation
    • A barbecue with burners
  • Various models of gas
    • barbecue The portable or portable gas
    • barbecue The gas grill on stand
    • The gas grill version roaster
    • gas

    • barbecue gas grill with lid
    • The gas barbecue grill version
    • The gas barbecue version plancha
  • What gas to use with my barbecue?
  • Cleaning and maintenance of the gas barbecue
    • Cleaning the barbecue with brush and water
    • Cleaning of the enamel parts
    • Cleaning the grill
    • Cleaning stainless steel parts
  • The accessories to get for a gas barbecue
  • All the advantages of gas barbecue

Operation of the gas barbecue

Gas barbecue has been on the list for a few years already, among the great lovers of classic charcoal barbecue. A barbecue of this type works primarily with lava stones and not with charcoal. This makes its use very different, but also its maintenance and cleaning.

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But why such a craze for this device? And what are the advantages of this barbecue compared to the classic barbecue? If you need information about the barbecue, you are in the right place: we guide you on your choice with some valuable tips.

A barbecue with burners

The gas barbecue is equipped of burners that allow cooking of food. Whether you’re cooking fish, meat or vegetables, you can manage the cooking of your grills just like a classic barbecue. A barbecue of this type can be directly connected to natural gas or connected to a gas cylinder of 5 kg or 8 kg.

The great advantage this appliance has over the classic barbecue is that it does not needto maintain the fire . Then you can set the burners individually and manage the powers: we will return to this point below. This type of barbecue is available in several models, which gives you multiple cooking possibilities:

  • gas barbecue smokehouse and roaster version;
  • gas barbecue with lid;
  • gas barbecue grill version;
  • gas barbecue plancha version;

These barbecues are available in portable version as well as in support version , fixed. We will detail the specificities of each device.

With a barbecue of this type, the operation is simple: you can cook any food you want and even make succulent vegetable marinades. The many models of barbecues of this type leave you a choice on how to cook and prepare your feast.

Various models of gas barbecue

The gas barbecue is commercially available in portable version or on a stand.

Portable or portable gas barbecue

The portable version involves much easier handling. A portable barbecue is lightweight, compact and is rather in a small model. If you have few needs in terms of quantity, the small model portable barbecue will be ideal.

It is reserved for small spaces exterior, such as a terrace, a small courtyard or a small balcony. Do you have an evening or weekend planned? Easily carry your barbecue in the trunk of your car and just turn it on to start your grill.

This type of barbecue has dimensions that facilitate its use and transport. It can be used in camping, on the beach, with friends or family for all occasions.

Gas barbecue on stand

This type of barbecue takes up much more space and will be easier to handle on a large terrace or in a large garden. The support and structure of this barbecue allow users to move it without fear since it is usually equipped with wheels.

If the weather arises, nothing simpler, you just have to protect it by rolling it.

The barbecue gas version rotisserie

If you want your barbecue to make smokehouse and roaster at the same time, you simply have to equip yourself with a spit. By turning it above the base grill of your barbecue, you can even smoke your meat, fish or vegetables.

This type of barbecue requires regular cleaning of the grill and spindle, so that these elements do not get fouled and the spindle can rotate correctly on its axis.

Juices that come from your roaster food can quickly soil your barbecue. For its maintenance, refer to the following sections where we will detail for you the maintenance and cleaning of a gas barbecue.

Gas barbecue with lid

If your barbecue has a lid, be aware that you will get cooking equivalent to the rotating heat . Your Food will cook everything gently, and then you will be able to set the burners to the minimum power.

Your food is not in contact with the flames at any time, which has a good advantage. Food stays on the grill and cook gently . You avoid drying out of food and retain all its flavor and properties.

The gas barbecue grill version

Do you want to make the desire to buy a barbecue with grill? It is quite possible. Meat, especially the more imposing and less tender pieces , are particularly suitable for this method of cooking.

When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, care should be taken to properly clean the grill or grill after each use. This prevents meat residues from burning on the grate during the next use.

The barbecue gas version plancha

Plancha lovers can also be served with the purchase of a simple barbecue. Yes, this type of device can also be used as a plancha, depending on the model you choose. The food then bake in their juice , which guarantees a healthy cooking. The burners located under the plate provide a powerful and homogeneous heat.

For all that is maintenance and cleaning of your grill version, you will need to pay particular attention to the corners of the plate , which will be less easy to access. By regular cleaning, your plancha plate will look like new and will not have a rancid taste of oil or fat.

What gas should I use with my barbecue?

Barbecues of this type can be used with bottled Propane, which is its fuel. Propane is convenient because it Can be used in any weather and in all weather conditions.

Propane can not freeze is very convenient if you need to keep your barbecue in a winter shed. Opt for a canopy of 5 kilos to 8 kilos maximum, this will be ample enough for your outdoor use, on your occasions.

Any such barbecue can also be powered and connected to natural gas that arrives directly at your home. That said, it is still advisable to opt for the Propane cylinder.

Cleaning and maintenance of the gas barbecue

In order to take good care of your barbecue, regular and qualitative maintenance is recommended. But how does a barbecue of this type be cleaned and what cleaner can be used ? Are there any precautions to take into account the materials present in a barbecue of this model?

The Can lava stones undergo cleaning? Is it advisable to regularly wash a gas barbecue? Can it be allowed to wintering quietly without having done a good cleaning of the grilles, accessories and support beforehand?

Cleaning the barbecue with brush and water

Cleaning a gas barbecue can basically be done by brush and water and without anything else. Be sure to choose a non-abrasive brush for stainless steel parts and grids. Also be sure to use cold water when the device has cooled well. If the tank is hot, pouring cold water can damage it. Conversely, if the tank is very cold, do not pour boiling water on it, at the risk of damaging the ceramics.

In order to make the most of your barbecue, it is important to maintain it well. A barbecue of this type is made up enamel parts, stainless steel parts and grating . On some barbecues you will have several interchangeable grills, which allows good frequent maintenance.

Cleaning enamel parts

The enamel parts of your barbecue can accept cleaning with a classic cleaner such as a scouring sponge and abrasive detergents. The greatest precaution to take is not to pour cold water into the enamel tank if it is still hot . It is advisable to allow the entire appliance to cool before embarking on cleaning the gas barbecue.

Indeed, the enamel can be damaged by the sudden change in temperature.

Cleaning the grid

Cleaning the grills of your barbecue is done after each use, for optimal maintenance and good durability of the device.

After use, leave the burners running for about 10 minutes at maximum power, in order to burn some remaining dirt . Once the barbecue is cold, you just need to use a brush and scrape the residues present and glued to the grill. Do not use oven removers or dishwashers to clean your barbecue grill. The grill of a barbecue of this type is in fact not to be treated in the same way as a classic charcoal barbecue grill.

Cleaning stainless steel parts

On a gas barbecue, stainless steel parts should not, like the grill, undergo cleaning with abrasive or aggressive products. Scouring sponges are also not recommended or even prohibited.

These parts, in order to keep in time, must be maintained with care. Take a natural sponge, a soft cloth and carry out cleaning with a neutral and conventional product. Do not use any chlorine-based cleaners and avoid contact with salt and iron straw. Allow to dry properly before placing stainless steel parts back on the barbecue.

Also, as a precautionary measure, systematically disconnect the barbeque and close the tap. Remove the grill, and rub the pieces with a little cooking oil before storing them in a clean dish towel preferably.

Note : in no case should the lava stones be removed for washing. They are sold new to serve as a refill and replacement.

Accessories to get for a gas barbecue

Practical, a gas barbecue does not require accessories to purchase except lava stone refills and a gas cylinder. All the rest of Accessories to purchase will be reduced to cooking utensils to take care of your cooking and food.

If you really want to treat yourself, the Weber brand offers many models of barbecues that work without coal. These Weber barbecues have wheels and are easily mobile. The Weber brand is also a specialist in barbecues . A Weber barbecue is an investment but for barbecue fans, it is an object to have for the best barbecue evenings with family or friends.

All the advantages of gas barbecue

A gas barbecue has many advantages compared to the classic charcoal barbecue. Maintenance is less, thanks to lava stones. You do not need to maintain the fire and add coal. The heat is rather constant and homogeneous on this type of barbecue, which gives you a Optimal cooking for your food.

No need to store wood or handle charcoal in the middle of the party! You don’t have to be the “barbecue attendant” since this barbecue requires much less attention and monitoring before cooking food.

With the barbecue like this one, you choose the model that suits you and you can make your barbecue a plancha, smokehouse, rotisserie , etc.

In addition, lava stones absorb fat and retain their cooking power. When the lava stones are too soaked in fat, do not wash them: change them.

Finally, a barbecue of this type is operational almost instantly and can cook your food in the last minute.

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