How to learn Roman numerals?

Have you always wanted to learn Roman numerals? A Roman numeral has nothing to do with Arabic numerals. In writing, Roman numerals are noted differently. We look back for you on the history of Roman numerals and how to retain them.

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  • What are Roman numerals?
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  • Numerals: Learning and History

What are Roman numerals?

Roman numerals are not noted in the same way as the Arabic numerals we know. We see Roman numerals on clocks, in our classes, in exercises, games… That’s why it is important to learn them.

Roman numerals appeared in Roman times, in ancient times. The writing system Roman numerals is based on addition and subtraction (or subtraction), a logic that can be complex to learn when you have never seen this new mathematics system.

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A combination of symbols, which are actually letters , represent numbers or even numbers, including tens, hundreds, etc. The place of each symbol/letter in the number will determine whether it should be summed up or subtracted from the symbol preceding or following it.

The Roman numerals are 7 :

I: 1 (a)

V: 5 (five)

X: 10 (ten)

L: 50 (fifty)

C: 100 (one hundred)

D: 500 (five hundred)

M: 1,000 (thousand)

When you decide to write Roman numerals, you should know thatone will never find a sequence of 4 identical digits , except for the M (thousand).

In addition, any Roman numeral to the right of another digit of equal or greater value is added to that figure. Example: LI = 50 1 = 51

any Roman numeral to the left of a higher value digit is subtracted from the latter. This, as you will understand, avoids writing the same Roman numeral or symbol 4 times. Example: to write 4, we will write IV and not IIII (i.e. 5-1). This also applies to dozens with Roman numerals: XL equals 40, which will not be noted XXXX.

Holding the order of Roman numerals

Roman numerals can keep themselves in order thanks to a simple mnemonic means, a sentence:

Il Voit GrowLe Chiffre Des M illiers”

The first letter of each word refers to the symbol of each Roman numeral, except for the verb “grow “, which refers to the cross (the X). Roman numeration is an entirely part of history. Roman numerals are still seen on tablets, and it is important to differentiate numbers.

If you want to learn how to write Roman numeration, you just have to take a few classes and train with a few simple exercises. In mathematics, it is necessary to know your Roman numerals: so do tests while having fun with Roman numerals and Roman letters.

Roman numerals: learning and history

Learning these numbers has become a rarity. The more you specify in this kind of learning, the more you develop your general culture. It should be known that at the time of in ancient times, Roman numerals were used for trade , dates and in many other areas of everyday application, for those who knew how to write.

History has seen these numbers disappear. They are still seen on sundials, clocks, church bell towers or on refined gusset watches. Numbers tend to be written thanks to the Arabic numeration today, which does not prevent any interest in the history and origin of Roman numerals.

Roman numerals are also found in games or even video games. That is why it is important to remember the Roman numerals. It is a part of Roman history that continues to live through thesedetails.

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