How to increase the visibility of a site?

Today, with all the digital tools made available to companies to grow online, increasing its visibility on the internet has never been more accessible, even for small structures.

Neocamino has been supporting hundreds of SMEs and SMEs in their development through digital tools for 10 years. Their goals can be of different kinds: promote their brand, sell products or services, generate leads and even retain their customers…

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Everything becomes possible on the internet thanks to a strong digital marketing strategy that we develop with companies. Today we offer you 5 tips we offer them to increase your internet visibility .

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Gain visibility thanks to SEO

Essential to any business, creating a website professional will allow to articulate all the digital actions of a brand and measure its performance. From simple showcase to e-commerce site, this communication tool offers many opportunities for sales and lead generation. Increasing your visibility on the internet through an effective internet strategy is therefore essential to maximize results.

Optimizing the SEO of its site is a key step to increase your visibility on the internet in a sustainable manner .

With simple content creation, keyword selection and linking techniques, it is possible to increase traffic quite easily . And even if this strategy takes time to bear fruit (sometimes several months), it allows you to climb in search engine results without investing a penny in advertising. Effective, no?

Like I said, SEO requires a certain investment in terms of content creation to be able to find its site at the top of Google results. So you need to make sure you have the necessary resources (time, editorial capacity) before committing to this work. If not, you can also opt to delegate to digital marketing professionals. Neocamino offers content creation services to help you be more visible on the net.

Moreover, at Neocamino this digital communication strategy worked. Only a few months after its creation, our blog reached almost 40,000 monthly visitors.

Promote customer expression

Letting your customers express themselves freely is a good way to increase your visibility on the internet , since it allows exchange, communication… More you are mentioned by your target, and the more visible you become to other Internet users.

Allowing customers to express their feelings (good or bad) helps to know their expectations, and this allows prospects to learn more about the product or item in question. All these customer reviews form what is called social proof. They are real elements to credibility for your brand .

A few figures:

90% of Internet users who consult customer reviews online before buying on the internet (FIFG)

22% of smartphone users watch customer reviews & reviews while in store (FEVAD /Media)

57% of smartphone owners look for information on their mobile before buying on the internet or in store

To facilitate this interaction with the brand, the first step is to create a Google My Business page that will reference your business in the search engine. In addition to improving your visibility on the internet, this will allow your customers the opportunity to leave a review of your products or services.

You can also use external sites such as Trustpilot or Verified Reviews for example.

Finding your target on the right communication channels

Fostering interaction with your customers is a great way to build loyalty and make them ambassadors for your brand . Being available to prospects also shows your interest in them.

Be present on social networks (not all!) is almost indispensable for all businesses that are created. They make it possible to increase visibility on the internet and to stay in touch with Internet users . Increasingly, we see that social networks are transforming into sales spaces (it is possible to sell on Facebook for example) and after-sales services.

It is through the identification of your target using the buyer persona tool that you will know where to find it. You will not communicate in the same way and in the same place if you are in BtoB or BtoC. For a BtoB target, it will be necessary to prioritize a professional network like LinkedIn and adopt a neutral, professional tone. On the other hand, if your target is young you will need to move to networks like Instagram or Twitter, and opt for a lighter tone.

On your website, propose the different ways to contact you and indicate your accounts Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. Your customers will get to know you more via social networks, will see you with a different eye, and you can show them another image of your company.

Stand out from the competition

If you want to succeed in increasing your visibility on the internet, you need to have a unique website that differs from your direct competitors . Go see how they communicate with their customers and put the double bites to do better than them.

To adopt a strategy of differentiation from your competition, you must first analyze your market and identify your target. The basis of a functioning digital communication also depends on marketing positioning tailored to your business.

Next, creating a responsive website is today essential to ensure its proper reading on all types of mobile devices. Add attractive images, interesting and informative texts, feed your blog and captivate your readers.

In short, you need to bring real added value through your content . They will distinguish you from the competition and increase your visibility on the internet.

Stay up to date

Updating your website, blog and social networks is absolutely essential to live on the web. Search engine and social media algorithms penalize brands that are not present .

Also, make sure that your site information is updated regularly and that your blog posts are not too dated . Beyond algorithms, your prospects and customers would lose their interest in reading you…

Giving back to life your old blog posts and sharing them will allow you to increase their visibility and reach new people.

Here, you now have all keys to ensure your good visibility on the internet. It’s up to you to play!

Are you a small or medium-sized company and would like to be accompanied throughout the development of your strategy on the internet?

Neocamino offers you to benefit from a free and caring exchange on your strategy!

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