How to improve 4G signal reception

To connect to the internet and enjoy fast connection speed, you must use 4G LTE. Known as 4G , this wireless standard allows you to connect from your mobile phone with great speed. For a better connection speed, you can use some tricks that boost signal strength. These are techniques that can contribute to an increase in download and upload speeds.

Increase strength and stability of 4G signals

Technically speaking, 4G does not correspond to the standard of the 4G standard. ITU-R is often called 3.9 G by connoisseurs and approved their marketing under the term 4G, since the standard has been a significant (and sufficient) development since 3G. In theory, 4G offers a connection speed of 100 Mbit/s.

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In practice, these speeds are never reached and tend to rotate around 25 Mbps when downloading and 7 Mbps when uploading. So, to improve your 4g reception and force the 4G router to work faster, you can do some settings yourself. While these tips need to strengthen your network, keep in mind that depending on the network you are connected to, they can be more or less effective. Even if they work, the results can vary considerably from user to user.

Using an app to improve the reception of your 4g signal

Many applications claim to improve the performance of your network, but only a handful has really been of great use in our testing. The one we will talk about today is a high-tech product called “3 G/4 G Speed Optimizer”.

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This small app is available on all Android devices, only on rooted devices, and exists in free or paid versions. Its use, allowed to test its ability to improve the reception of the mobile signal of Internet connections 4G.

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