How to hold vowels? (a, e, i, o, u, y)

Vowels, in contrast to consonants, are the letters of the alphabet that make it possible to give a sound to a syllable. In all languages, the alphabet is not easy to learn, especially when it comes to educating children. In French, there are 6 vowels, including a vowel that can be similar to a semi-vowel. Here is how to hold vowels a, e, i, o u and y, in the right order and without forgetting them.

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  • French alphabet/Latin: learn vowels
  • A, E, I, O, U, Y: how to retain vowels?
  • Learning Vowels: Visual Memory

French alphabet/Latin: learn your vowels

The alphabet contains a total of 26 letters, including 20 consonants and 6 vowels, which are a, e, i, o,uandy . Vowels and consonants are not similar letters. They are differentiated by the way the air passes through the throat when pronouncing them.

When pronouncing a consonant, the air does not pass: it is stopped, which produces a closed sound, with the lips or tongue. The vowel, meanwhile, is pronounced on an open sound, which stops only when the person who pronounces it has no air in his lungs. Lips never touch each other when pronouncing a vowel.

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When it comes to learning the alphabet and more particularly vowels, it is interesting to learn each vowel one after another, respecting the order of appearance in the alphabet. It is possible to memorize words so as not to be mistaken in this order and do not forget about vowel in passing.

A, E, I, O, U, Y: how to hold vowels?

Learning the letters of the alphabet and more particularly vowels, can be done by retaining specific words that will make them think of.

The learning of words and letters is done through memory, whether it is through auditory memory, visual memory or even by touching and manipulating objects. The simple method of retaining vowels is to retain a word that contains all the letters involved. The simplest word to remember and which contains each vowel is the word “nucleus ”. Decortize it and find the 6 vowels inside!

To learn vowels, you can also take the word “bird “, which alone consists of one consonant and all the vowels of the alphabet except the y.

Learning Vowels: Visual Memory

For your children and to make it easier to learn letters, remember to write these letters on a board ordisplay these letters in a place of passage. Indeed, it is easier to learn letters when the eye sees them regularly.

Moreover, whether with magnetic letters or cardboard, the simple fact of being able to play with the letters allows you to better retain them and learn them while having fun.

Having the opportunity to play with education, learning becomes pleasant for children. For adults too, it is important to be able to work with visual or auditory memory , especially in literacy with foreigners.

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