How to get rid of rats in the garden

Rodents regularly damage gardens, especially in autumn and winter. Amateur gardeners that we are, we are often disarmed by this phenomenon and can only bitterly notice the damage! Yet simple solutions exist, without harming the environment or these animals.

Practical and environmentally friendly tips to keep rodents away from the garden

Mice, rats, voles… sometimes come to our vegetable gardens to eat our crops. They especially like root vegetables (carrots, potatoes) or tulip bulbs in particular. Here are some solutions to keep them away naturally Des.

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And the house? Find a mouse repeller !

Failure rodents: natural predators

Nothing better than biodiversity to scare rodents. Who likes it? Cats, snakes or foxes, but also raptors or owls. Thus, having a cat significantly keeps rodents away from his garden (even if he does not eat them). If you are lucky enough to live in the countryside, do not run away from foxes or snakes.

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The cat, an ally to scare rodents © Astrid Gast

You can leave piles of stones to encourage the coming of snakes , which are not toxic to humans, but are formidable for these pests.

Avoid mulching for root vegetables

Although mulching is very effective in retaining moisture and preventing weeds, it also attracts rodents . Therefore, it is better to avoid it for root vegetables so as not to attract these small animals.

Natural Rodent Repellents

Amateur gardeners use two natural products: castor and elderberry. When planting tulip bulbs and crocuses, one can pour a drop of castor oil into each hole. This oil would run away from rodents. Some gardeners also use castor cake , but this product, although natural, is toxic to humans and animals, so it should be avoided in the organic garden.

Castor oil can be used as a repellent against rats — © Luis Echeverri Urrea

Elderberry is also used as a natural repellent : elderberry sticks are planted between crops to scare mice and voles. Elderberry manure Le can also be made, which has multiple virtues: antifungal, anti-aphid, it removes moles and rodents.

The recipe for elderberry purine

Soak for 24 hours 1 kilo of leaves in 10 liters of water.

Boil 30 minutes and then use pure. Spray on the leaves of the attacked plants.

Sound traps against rodents

To hunt voles , deafen them by placing a plastic bottle at each entrance to the gallery, removing the cap. Thus, the wind will flow through the galleries by bottles and voles, not carrying this sound aggression, will go to see elsewhere.

Similarly, there are traps ultra-sound commercially sound that keep unwanted rodents away. However, this trick is controversial because it does not work systematically.

To scare these pests, you can also grow plants that they hate. Find all the plants that make them flee naturally.

hedgehogs and moles are not rodents. It hedgehog Les is an excellent auxiliary of the garden because it feeds on pests. In addition, it is protected: do not try to scare him, quite the contrary!

There are also natural tricks to prevent moles from digging their galleries in your beautiful garden, to be found on our site.

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