How to get a bat out of his house?

Did a bat get stuck in your house? How to get her out safely for you, but also for the bat? What precautions should be taken and why? The answers in our article.

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  • Bats at home: what to do?
  • Protected species but disease vectors
  • Get the bat out safely
    • Open windows
    • Catch the bat
    • Did you hit a bat?
  • A colony of bats in the attic
  • Bats threatened with extinction

Bats at home: what to do?

Bats are part of the family of bats. Often deprecated because of the myths around them, bats have their habits of life at night, and seek, several times a year, places where Refugee. This allows a colony to settle in the attic or attic of a house.

Early autumn, or summer, some species of bats migrate to hibernate and look for places where they can be calm. So it may happen that they enter through a window, in the spot, into your house.

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If bats are often looking for small insects to feed, they will sometimes go for them in houses, where insects are attracted to light at night. How to react if a bat is stuck at home?

Protected species but vectors of diseases

Above all action, be aware that the bat is one of the protected species and therefore should not be killed . To get them out of your home, you will need to take a number of precautions in order to Do not hurt them or hurt yourself.

By the way, bats are vectors of disease. By hurting yourself or even with a simple scratch or bite, you quickly take unnecessary risks. Bats can transmit life-threatening diseases such as rabies or histoplasmosis. So we tell you how to get a bat out of your home without taking risks.

Your mission will be to prevent bats from setting up a colony within your home.

Get the bat out safely

Did you hear a beating of wings in the attic or in a corner of the house? Smell droppings are present on the ground and white traces are visible on the windows? A bat is probably stuck in your house.

Take the time to listen to the noises to spot the place where the bat took refuge. Do not touch droppings without protection (gloves), as guano also carries germs and diseases, just like rats and mice.

Open Windows

Your first reflex should be to open windows and bay windows in large. As soon as you see the animal, it is possible that it is restless and strongly disoriented.

Put on a pair of extra thick gloves to ensure good protection. You should definitely avoid contact with these species of bats.

Catching the bat

You can then try to capture the bat gently with a towel or tea towel, as soon as it stands still. Try to turn on a light outdoors in the garden or on a terrace. Once caught, place it as gently as possible in a jar or a closed container.

Bat wings are very fragile, so be careful not to break them during the procedure. Finally, release the bat outside. You can make a little noise by scratching outside, so that the bat finds its landmarks by hearing the sound. Bats only spot themselves with sound waves and not with their eyes.

Did you hit a bat?

If you have ever been in direct contact with the bat, wash your hands well with soap and water to remove all germs present.

Do you have any doubt about a scratch? Have you been bitten? Quickly consult your attending physician or emergencies.

A colony of bats in the attic

If the bat was just the tip of the iceberg and you think you have a colony in the attic of your home, it is necessary to act fast. Call on a professional in the extermination of bats. His job will be to get rid of bats while taking into account the fact that they are protected species.

To avoid the return of bats, caulk holes or small openings that may be of interest to them. The walls can be redone (regrouting , etc.). Do not let bowls of plants full of water hang out: it attracts them.

Bats threatened with extinction

The bat is threatened with extinction by climate change and human-created environmental disturbances . They lose their habitat because of pesticides and changing climate. Seeking to hibernate, they try to adapt to new living conditions.

That said, having bats in your home is not necessarily a problem. Sometimes they install their colony in a high wall and do not do any damage. On the contrary, they get rid of mosquitoes!

Diseases also decimate bats, particularly in North America where whitenose syndrome has wreaked havoc in bat colonies.

The presence of bats is actually a sign of a healthy environment . These species are fragile: if they settle in colony, it means that they have found enough insects to feed. Since insects are decimated by the presence of pesticides, if they are present around you, it is rather a sign that the microcosm is healthy.

Between threatened and pest species, remember only one thing: do not kill bats.

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