How to find an apartment in Paris?

Due to the influx in large cities, demand can surpass the supply of apartments. In these conditions, you really have to be a fighter or be in the right place at the right time to have the chance to find your apartment. In Paris, the phenomenon is hardly different. But, as they say, “whoever has the information has power”. This article informs you of everything you need to know in order to find an apartment in Paris .

An apartment according to your budget and your criteria

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The very first criterion to consider when finding an apartment in Paris is budget. It should be noted that rentals are relatively more expensive than in other cities. One thing is for sure, the larger the apartment will be, the more expensive it will be. In addition to the rent, the budget will have to take into account the charges related to the rental. Among these, there is cold water and heating that can be collective. There may also be common services like elevator maintenance or garbage recovery , etc.

Personal charges are still to be taken into account such as electricity and gas, or internet boxing, television and telephony. Once you establish it, you have an idea of your rental power. Now, you necessarily have some preferences, some tastes. So it’s time to target neighborhoods that make your heart beat in Paris. As a student, you will not enjoy the 16th arrondissement of Paris. If you have an iconic taste for art, then you will love Montmartre .

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Montmartre is the artistic district of Paris by notoriety. You can put your suitcases in the vicinity of Junot Avenue or Lepic Street, just to name a few. If you are a fan of the evenings then the La République district will suit you for sure. On Place Bastille, you will already see the Statue of the Marianne, which shows the historic side of the place. Rue de Lappe, Canal Saint-Martin, rue Oberkampf could also interest you in the Republic. The central location of the Marais district will immerse you in the beautiful realities of the Paris city.

Update your folder

Once you have determined your budget and your dream neighborhood in Paris, you have to think about the file to submit. Competition is at the highest level. You can easily be more than twenty to visit less than 20 min 2 s for an expensive price compared to other cities. Put all the odds on your side by having a very up-to-date record. For you, the file must include:

  • Your valid ID card;
  • The last 3 receipts of rent/a certificate of domiciliation or a certificate of lodging/the last notice of property tax/title of the principal residence;
  • A labour contract/student card or a copy of your professional card if you are practicing a profession liberal;
  • An act of joint and several surety if you are in a roommate;
  • A notice of award if you are a scholarship student;
  • The last 3 salary slips;
  • Your last tax notice or precedent.

As far as it is concerned, your guarantor’s file must contain the following documents:

  • A French identity document or that of abroad;
  • A final receipt for payment of rent/a certificate of housing insurance/a water, gas or electricity bill dated at least 3;
  • An employment contract or a trade card, if he practises a liberal professional/any piece that attests to the exercise of a professional activity ;
  • The last three salary slips or the last two accounting/supporting balance sheets of his pension pension the last three months if he is a self-employed person;
  • The last or second to last notice of taxation;
  • The letter of commitment .

To stand out from your competitors, your record must be flawless. Present it then with a nice cover page and talk about the alleged duration of the rental . Also, insert in your file a small cover letter that shows all your interest in the apartment.

The research itself

To find an apartment in Paris, you need motivation and perseverance. Instead of browsing all the Parisian agencies, it is better to organize your research. You can use your digital tools and move on to the creation of email alerts for homes that you like. Use your search times wisely using your free moments to perform them.

addition, you can also insert flyers into mailboxes or deliver flyers to local merchants. In addition, there is word-of-mouth that can be of great use to find an apartment in Paris. In addition, there are several websites In that can help you in your quest.

Make use of social networks

Social networks are real allies to find an apartment in Paris as soon as possible. On these media, the news goes faster and in no time affects a greater number of Internet users. For example, you can place an ad on Facebook mentioning your keen desire to find an apartment in Paris.

To have more concrete and precise answers, you can integrate Focus groups on Facebook dedicated to the search for apartments. There are such groups that deal in this case with the search for an apartment only in Paris. An announcement made in this group about a description of the housing sought and the numerous reviews will help you hit the jackpot .

Similarly, you can visit ad sites of individuals or professionals to see advertisements published by owners. More and more of them are doing so now.

To turn away from any paid lists

Paid lists, for what to do? An ad list is not for sale. So, beware and run away from all those agencies or websites that will require any amount to access rental offers. You have nothing to pay for the consultation ads of apartment rentals or to visit apartments.

Be available and responsive

You would have understood, you are not alone in being interested in this apartment that you like so much. Then it will have to be faster in your reaction. As soon as you find an apartment that meets your criteria, quickly take a look at the photos, and check the location immediately. Once, this is done, contact the owner directly. Email alerts will be of great help. On the day of the visit, visit the premises shortly before the agreed time to make an impression of the neighborhood . Also, check the proximity of shops and transport with the apartment.

Internet necessarily becomes your best friend

In Paris, the demands are necessarily important and even numerous since it is not necessary to think for several days. Indeed, when you discover an ad, you will not have time to schedule your purchase that it will have disappeared since the transaction has been validated. It is for this reason that you have to carry out a watch in order to be informed on a daily basis regarding bargains, this avoids you to miss out on an opportunity. This is the Appartement-a-rent site that reaches out to you and you will have a multitude of information.

  • Several headings are possible for financing, investment, moving, decoration and security.
  • You will be able to buy a property in the best conditions without spending a fortune.
  • The tips are valid in Paris and in all the cities of France, as some are also popular.

Real estate investments whether for saving money in relation to taxes or to acquire a main dwelling in the coming months, vigilance is required, as you could quickly discover the reverse side of the decor with a strong loss. This platform prevents you from unpleasant surprises that can damage your finances.

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