How to choose a battery charger?

Do you often use your vehicle? Whether it is for a car, a scooter, a motorcycle, a truck or any other vehicle, it is now necessary to have at its disposal a battery charger to prevent any eventuality. But how to choose its battery charger?

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  • What is the car battery charger used for?
  • The battery charger: a product available at various prices
  • What models of car and motorcycle battery chargers?
    • More Innovative Features
    • Smart Battery Chargers Options
  • Find your Battery Charger

What is the auto battery charger used for?

For an affordable price (a few tens of EUR), a battery charger allows you to save well. For what reason? Instead of waiting for your battery to be empty and unusable, you recharge it from time to time. In this way you extend its performance and avoid a relatively expensive and systematic purchase.

The principle : you charge your vehicle’s battery with energy outside your car or motorcycle. Normally, the vehicle battery will automatically charge when you’re on the road. The battery receives energy that comes directly from the operation of your alternator.

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The battery charger: a product available at various prices

A battery charger is indispensable in everyday life and for the general public.

The battery charger, depending on your vehicle, will usually be produced to match a motorcycle or car. It is at very varied prices and it becomes difficult to choose between options and prices. The more advanced the functionality of your charger, the more the price in eur of your battery charger will be high.

What models of car and motorcycle battery chargers?

For a car or for a motorcycle, the battery charger will not be the same, unless of course the device combines both modes. Indeed, an auto battery charger will be set to a different power than that needed on a motorcycle.


There are very advanced battery chargers models. A so-called “smart” charger for lithium or lead battery, will be able to discern directly one voltage 12 Volt and 24 Volt. These “smart chargers” are one of the essential accessories for a driver’s equipment. For a car, a motorcycle and even for a boat, manufacturers today offer prices that reflect very competitive and innovative models.

Smart Battery Chargers Options

  • the charge maintainer : the intelligent charge maintainer automatically adjusts the needs of your battery and allows easy wintering (especially for a motorcycle: cf CTEK)
  • Booster Booster : also called battery booster, this smart option is a kind of starter with 12 Volt portable power supply that allows you to restart even when you think it’s impossible! No need to wait for crocodile clips that don’t come…
  • LED display : very convenient, battery chargers with LED display allow you to have real-time visibility on the status of your battery.

Find your battery charger

On the Internet, many manufacturers and resellers are present. They offer delivery, with Amazon for example. Prices in EUR vary according to the criteria that are Essentials for you :

  • LED screen available
  • exclusive lithium
  • Exclusive Lead
  • available compatibility lithium lead
  • detector voltage 12 V/24 V
  • car and motorcycle compatibility
  • car starter booster in case of power failure
  • available in solar powered operation
  • protection options
  • all in one kit
  • affordable public price
  • product available in fast delivery, etc.

Just before Christmas, get your favorite type of battery charger: CTEK, VICTRON energy, TECMATE, NOCO or OPTIMATE, brands do not are not missing. Check if your product is available in stock, for sale and delivery (on Amazon for example) and don’t fall stupidly !

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