How to charge a car battery?

Forgotten lights, a car radio that has operated silently all night… The car does not start anymore, the battery is completely discharged and you are well bothered! The current is like fuel: it is indispensable, regardless of the type of car! How to do your repair yourself by charging your car battery? We explain everything, starting with the 12 V charger technique!

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  • your vehicle (non-electric) in working condition
  • Car battery charger: the manips to know
  • Recharge your car battery with crocodile clips The
  • steps of troubleshooting with crocodile clips
  • Battery failure: our tips for Successfully troubleshooting
  • Pushing your car to restart it?
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Reset the vehicle (non-electric) Walk

No, you will understand, here we are not talking about an electric vehicle in working order and to be charged at a dedicated terminal, but about a fuel car that has emptied its battery. Battery discharged and car down do not mean catastrophe! Regardless of the type of vehicle (regardless of its brand), it is possible to restart it, with the right tools . Follow our starting tips with the and — terminals on your battery.

To restart your car, simply connect the battery terminals to the cables of a 12 Volt car charger . Do you have a 12 V charging kit in your car? It’s perfect: stick to the color code to avoid any incident. All you have to do is plug the charger into a mains outlet. Charging time may vary: between 6 hours and 12 hours for the maximum.

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Loader Battery for car: the manips to know

Do you have your 12V electric charger with you? A “Quick Charge Start” function should be offered to you. Several steps are to be followed in order for the procedure to work safely.

  • Open the cover and locate the battery location. Your vehicle’s user manual should inform you if this location is not obvious
  • Attach the charger clamps to the battery, following the colour code and instructions. If the color code is not respected, you risk engine breakage
  • Plug in the 12V charger socket
  • Leave to charge for a few minutes, having taken care to turn off beforehand electrical accessories such as GPS, heating, lights or car radio
  • Start the vehicle
  • You can now turn off the charger and then unplug the cables

Recharge your car battery with crocodile clips

Another well-known solution for charging your battery is to ask for troubleshooting by another vehicle . With crocodile clamps, also known as crocodile clamps, we connect the two batteries while respecting the polarities and — (under penalty of breaking the engine!). The car that breaks down must have the engine running.

Once the engine is restarted, do not stick to turning it off. It is imperative to roll in order to snap the load. A good half hour of fast track ride will be effective. A battery can lose performance due to a breakdown. Recharge it fully (full charge) with an electric charger as soon as you have possibility.

The steps of troubleshooting with crocodile clamps

  • Both vehicles must be positioned head-spade but must not touch each other.
  • Start the engine of the vehicle in working order — turn off all electrical equipment
  • The red clamp goes to the positive terminal of the discharged battery. Its other end goes to the positive terminal of the backup battery.
  • The black clamp will then connect the negative terminal of the backup battery to a metal component of the motor block.
  • Attention: the black clamp should be at least 30 cm away from the flat battery, to prevent sparks and explosion hazard.
  • DO NOT PLUG the black clamp into the 2 negative terminals (battery in breakdown, battery backup: you risk causing damage to the electrical circuit.
  • Let charge for a few minutes
  • Start the vehicle and let it turn
  • Disconnect the cables in the opposite direction of the order of connection :
  1. Black clamp affixed to the engine block
  2. Negative clamp attached to backup battery
  3. Red clamp hung to backup battery
  4. Battery Red Clamp

Battery failure: our tips for successful troubleshooting

  • Battery Location: Not all batteries are located in the same place under the hood. It is imperative to consult your vehicle manufacturer’s manual. Thus, you do not take any risk and the breakdown is managed safely. Note: sometimes the battery is located in outside the engine compartment.
  • Identify positive and negative polarities: see manufacturer’s manual.
  • It is imperative to make the connections to the crocodile clips BEFORE connecting the electrical charger socket.
  • Your battery has signs of deterioration: do not charge it. Indeed, frost, rust, deformations or a particular smell should alert you. Bring your car to the garage and change the battery at the slightest doubt.
  • Check the cable status of your crocodile clips before troubleshooting. In no case should they be rusted, stripped, damaged or even melted.
  • In the case of a connection between two vehicles: move the two cars away, position them head-spade, turn off the electrical accessories, apply the brake to hand.
  • Once the engine has restarted: activate some electrical accessories (ventilation, defrost…). Why this maneuver? You will avoid surges if you run the system to full potential.

Pushing her car to restart her?

We all saw this in the movies… You have no crocodile clip or electric charger at your disposal and you have exhausted your resources? Don’t panic, everything is not lost.

The last solution, if however you can ask for help or if you are not alone, is to push the car, if possible on a slope, in order to try a mechanical restart . Once you have taken a little speed, you can switch to second gear and gently release the clutch, which should make the engine start again.

In any case, good courage to charge your car battery! A doubt? A garage shop will help you.

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