How to change default browser on Android?

You are on Android and whenever you want to search your browser, the default browser is not the one you want to use? Nothing simpler, it is possible to change the default browser in Android.

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  • Google Chrome on Android: the default browser The
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  • Alternatives to the default browser on Android
  • Change the default browser on Android smartphone
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  • The default browser based on Android version

Google Chrome on Android: the default browser

Often, on Android operating system, the default browser is Google Chrome. Although Google Chrome has top features, it may be that you you want to change the default browser.

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For various reasons many users do not wish to have Google Chrome as the default browser and turn to browser alternatives. Google Chrome is not necessarily the best browser on the market, even though it is installed by default on many smartphones.

In terms of traceability and history, it is now proven that more and more smartphone users want to detach themselves from the products supplied by default by Google on Android. Google Chrome is part of it.

Google Suite at your fingertips

The most important advantage when you get to Android is the fact that you can access all Google services in no time. All your services are connected , including your browser.

You have access to Gmail, your Google Drive, Google Maps and the Google Play Store, just like on your laptop. The “all-in-one” is a real advantage and often avoids having to log in again with username and password.

With Android, when you buy a smartphone, chances are that it will be ready to provide you with all Google services even if you haven’t requested them. If your phone is Samsung branded, it will probably be preinstalled with Google Chrome or at least with Samsung’s browser.

Alternatives to default browser on Android

Regardless of your default browser on Android, you may have your preferences on PC, which you want to find on your smartphone? Users also like to turn to browsers they know, without having to use Google Chrome or the built-in browser on your smartphone.

The browser of Samsung, Firefox and Opera are the most sought after and used alternatives by mobile users wishing to change browsers by default. These browsers all offer their own practical features. These features are often more elaborate than Google Chrome, by the way.

Change default browser on Android smartphone

When you do a search, all of your pages open in Google Chrome and you really decided that you don’t want to use Google services and products?

To change your default browser on Android, you must first attempt to uninstall Google Chrome. This operation will not necessarily be possible, depending on the phone version you have.

Setting up your smartphone: the default browser

On an Android smartphone, some settings are to be changed in order to benefit from a new default browser. Once you have done the manipulation, your smartphone will no longer ask you, when clicking on a link, which browser or browser you want to open it with.

To change the default browser of your phone on Android (and hence Google Chrome), go to the Settings and then go to the Apps section.

Then go to the Navigator app and select from the menu or drop-down list the browser you want to configure by default. If the default browser is Google Chrome and you want to have Opera, simply select it.

As soon as you open a web page, it will be your default browser that will take your request into account. Also be aware that the more browser applications you install, the more you can choose from the drop-down list. Once your browser by selected default, you can uninstall other browsers if they are not integrated into the Android system.

Default browser based on Android version

Depending on the Android version of your smartphone, the default browser is Samsung, for example. Again, you just have to make your choice. Once the default browser is selected , test with any web page .

Your choice should have been taken into account if you have taken care to save your settings and choices. If you want to keep your browser-to-browser favorites , manipulation will not be possible on Android unless your default browser is connected to your Windows PC with a synced account.

This is the kind of service Google Chrome offers from PC to smartphone. Your favorites will have to be manually entered if you change your default browser. Now you know everything to change your default browser on Android and to have an optimal web experience .

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