How to celebrate the cotton wedding?

For 1 year you got married at an unforgettable wedding ceremony with your family and friends. You want this moment to remain a highlight every year and you absolutely want to mark it by celebrating this first wedding anniversary in a perfect way. I tell you everything you need to know in order to succeed this cotton wedding!

What is the symbol of cotton

This wedding anniversary is symbolized by cotton.

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Cotton is a vegetable fiber that surrounds the seeds of cotton trees. This fiber is usually transformed into yarn which is woven to make fabrics. The cotton wedding is therefore the symbol of the bonds that remain to weave for a happy life.

How to celebrate your cotton wedding

A wedding anniversary is fully lived as a couple. It is an important day to find yourself as a couple and enjoy for a moment hanging in a bubble. This can be done at home in your lover cocoon but going out is also a nice solution especially if you are parents or are on telework. Once outside, there are several possibilities for these cotton wedding to take place in a place conducive to romance and complicity. This may be a simple and quiet place like a spa, more dynamic like a couple photo shoot, a bit cultural while going to the theater or a little more “foufou” going on a romantic trip specifically for the occasion, for example in a palace in Rome or in a cozy Airbnb in the heart of the Savoyard mountains.

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What a gift to give for a cotton wedding

Each year of marriage, a specific subject is designated… so it is the ideal opportunity to find a present related to this subject. In addition to making the choice simpler of a gift, you can also remember in the future why it was offered. So to celebrate your 1 year of wedding and your cotton wedding, make a gift in cotton or reminiscent of this material. There are plenty of ideas on the web for all scholarships.

Wedding Anniversary gifts are often around romantic themes, cocoon or naughty, such as pretty underwear, bed linen, premium delicacies, perfume, massage oil… Presents that will allow you to further strengthen your closeness and love. And if you have the opportunity to make these gifts unique with your first names and the date of your cotton wedding, do not hesitate because it will add another romantic touch.

What a love phrase to write for a cotton wedding

It may sound a little old-game, but writing phrases of love to his half will be systematically a romantic act that will make the heart of each other fly. You are sure to please him and no matter what you say as long as it is benevolent and honest. And, if you lack inspiration, here are some examples of romantic expressions to help you embark on a lyrical flight full of pretty words of love…

  • “Every day I spend by your side is a day of happiness in addition, 1 year of love is so wonderful”
  • “1 year of love, complicity, madness, trust! Happy birthday my beloved”
  • “I still wish us many years of happiness and unconditional love. Happy 1st birthday and cotton wedding!

Bonus: 5 cheap good ideas to celebrate your cotton wedding (less than 20€)

  1. Organize a TV evening in front of a romantic comedy accompanied by a flute Champagne
  2. Frame a photo of you two by finding a photo taken during the big day or in a romantic place by adding a little sweet word
  3. Offer a bouquet of flowers mono-color… white and red are must-have
  4. Make together a time capsule to discover on a next wedding anniversary
  5. Skip a moment with all your witnesses on this day of the year really not like the others

Anyway, I wish you a great wedding anniversary to both… and I tell you in a year to celebrate your next wedding anniversary: leather wedding .

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