How to become an English teacher

Have you always dreamed of becoming an English teacher? Teaching attracts you and you have a predisposition to the language of Shakespeare? What are the missions of the English teacher? What training or competition can be held to become an English teacher? We tell you everything about this profession of teaching that applies in college, high school but also to university.

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  • English teacher profession: what missions?
  • Teaching English: The Teacher’s Key Role
  • Teaching English
  • National Education: A Program to Respect
  • Evaluating English as
    • a Teacher Quality Teaching
  • Knowing English Today
  • Adapting to an Audience and Level
  • Studies to become a professor
  • English Teacher

  • Contest English Teacher
  • ‘s Salary of English Teacher
  • Career Evolution for Teacher

Profession of English teacher: what missions?

The main mission of the English teacher is, of course, to teach the beautiful language of English. As an English teacher, depending on your ambitions and interests, you can teach college students, high school students and students .

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The English teacher is also required, if he wishes, to work inadult education . He intervenes with professionals or adults wishing to upgrade or develop their English skills.

English teacher can practise his trade in the public sector or in the private sector . The implications are not the same, whether in terms of education or in terms of remuneration depending on the organization or context.

Teaching English: The Key Role of the Teacher

The English teacher can have several types of audiences. Its purpose is to convey knowledge related to a language. In his teaching, the English teacher adapts daily to the level of his students. Knowledge related to the English language involves both the practical learning of the English language but also through elements of culture . History, literature, civilization, morals, art of countries where English is the majority…

In his profession, on a daily basis, the English teacher prepares his courses and the exercises he will give to students or students. It adapts his courses and exercises at the level of its audience . In his courses, in face-to-face (college or high school), the disciplines reviewed for learning English are varied:

  • Conjugation of English verbs;
  • Grammar of English;
  • Rules for spelling English;
  • English vocabulary;
  • English culture: literature and history, etc.
  • Pronunciation and phonetics of English;

Teach English

When you learn English, English-speaking culture is as important as learning the language itself. It is not for the teacher to teach his students to speak English without understanding the history and culture of English-speaking countries.

English is not only about England and the United States: not only to misconceptions! Many countries have an English-speaking legacy . The language is widespread and considered as a language of international communication. Indeed, English is spoken in many countries following colonizations and the existence of the British Empire.

The English teacher must therefore take all this into account in his teaching of English, in order to make the language “alive”. A good English teacher keeps his teaching anchored in a certain social and societal reality , so that his students learn current English. The teaching of English therefore also involves:

  • The study of songs;
  • Reading newspaper articles;
  • The study of excerpts from more or less recent literary works;
  • Listening to radio programs;
  • Watching television shows, film excerpts or series in English
  • ;

National education: a programme to be respected

In the teaching of English, 4 areas of competence must be addressed by the English teacher to correspond to the curriculum imposed by the National Education:

  • Written comprehension;
  • Oral comprehension;
  • Written expression;
  • Oral expression.

When you work in college or high school, the National Education Program must be followed throughout the year. Each field is approached via different tools and evaluated by the English teacher on a scale of his choice.

The English teacher has some form of freedom in his teaching despite the imposed curriculum. He chooses all his teaching tools , which can be binding but also very pleasant when you have its own teaching methods.

Evaluate English as a Teacher

Who says professor says evaluation. In some systems, scoring has been abolished. In France, this is not entirely the case and scoring evaluation is still very predominantly in the teaching of English, whether in college, high school or university.

Regular checks of knowledge and skills are put in place by the teacher to assess the level and progress of students in English. Small surprise tests or real quarterly assessments are imposed by the English teacher. While there are persistent gaps among the majority of students, the English teacher must also be able to question the quality of their teaching.

Quality education

It is important to know that the quality of instruction provided by an English teacher is influenced by the budget available to him for a school year. School trips and trips greatly influence the quality of a school year and leave memorable memories for learners. It is the English teacher who will be responsible for organizing the school trip.

Important : all preparation of courses and evaluations is done outside working time, as is the correction of copies.

Knowing how to speak English today

It is essential today to be proficient in English and languages in general. With globalization and political, cultural, linguistic and commercial exchanges between countries, learning languages and in particular English means giving oneselfills other opportunities. Doors open and you are free to choose mobility.

For example, if you choose higher education, you can go for a language stay abroad as part of your curriculum. English is the language that will allow you to make the link! And this is where the role of the English teacher is paramount : he must also make you want to continue your personal or professional learning of English. English is one of those languages that will be useful to you someday.

Adapt to an audience and a level

Every teacher must be able to adapt to his audience and set up appropriate pedagogy and tools. The goal is to pull an entire group up with the acquisition of knowledge and skills , sometimes the teacher has to fight not to see his group gain interest in language, especially in college, where learning English is not really chosen.

In vocational training and in the face of an adult audience , in theory, the English teacher has less discipline to manage than in college and high school. It can focus on learning and knowledge transmission.

With an adult audience, the stakes are not the same for the English teacher. They can participate in a dynamic of reintegration and return to employment, in a literacy process, or in the development of skills so that his public can gain better compensation in the company.

Studies to become an English teacher

To become a teacher or teacher of English, the studies are all traced. You have your tray in pocket and you you are heading to the university benches. You enrol in English college , in particular in the Department of English Studies at a University of Literature and Languages.

To be a teacher, one must obtain one of the competitions that allow you to become an English teacher. These competitions usually take place after graduating from a Bac 5 (Master 2, after the Bachelor’s Degree). You must at least be enrolled in Master 1 to claim to register for the contest.

Students wishing to take English teacher competitions can choose between a specialized master or a professional master’s degree.

Two ways are possible before entering the Master: the LEA (Applied Foreign Languages) and the LLCE (Language, Literature and Foreign Civilization).

The Teacher Contest of English

The competition of the CAPES (Certificate of Aptitude to the Professorship of Secondary Education) or the CAFEP competition (Certificate of Aptitude for Teaching Functions in Private Institutions under Second Degree Contract).

These two competitions are the main ones but there are others to become an English teacher:

  • The CAPET competition: Certificate of proficiency in the professorship of technical education;
  • The CAPLP competition: Certificate of fitness for professional high school professorship. These competitions and their obtaining allow the teacher to practice in technological and professional institution.

Good to know : it is possible to register for the preparation of the contest remotely with theCNED .

Formerly, the IUFM (Institute of Teacher Training) was preparing for the profession of professor. Today, ESPE (Higher School of Education Professorate) takes care of this training.

Salary of English Teacher

An early career English teacher can earn 1650 euros gross per month. In mid-career, his salary can rise up to 2350 euros per month. At the end of his career, he can earn more than 3100 euros per month, in gross. These figures vary, of course, depending on the place of instruction (college, high school, university).

To teach at a university, you must have an English aggregation and a PhD.

Career development for the teacher

Vocational training, private courses, responsibilities in a university department of English, school director, academy inspector, ESPEtrainer … Opportunities and career developments are numerous and leave great freedom to the English teacher.

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