How to activate Find My Phone on iPhone and why it matters?

São Paulo — If you’ve already lost an iPhoneyou must have heard of an Appleservice called “Find My iPhone.” It is used to find your device through location information shared over the Internet with your Apple account, called Apple ID.

Anyone who has not activated this free service will not be able to find the lost device and will be able to protect your privacy by simply changing your account password. There is no other Apple resource to find the lost object.

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The path you need to follow to enable Find My Phone security is as follows: — Open the Settings menu; — Tap on your username and select the “iCloud” option — At the end of the list of options, enable Find My iPhone.

When Find My Phone is active on your Apple device, you can perform a series of actions to find it on a map — as long as it’s connected to the Internet. When it disappears from the screen, you can access the iCloud website on a computer and play a sound to find it, if you lost it, for example, inside. If Apple Two-Factor Authentication is enabled, you will not be able to fully access your iCloud account via the Internet. There is still a shortcut to find my phone that does not require this double accreditation.

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If you don’t know where it ended up, you can turn on “Lost Mode” to lock the device with a new password and display a message with your phone number so that whoever found it can contact you for the resend.

Activating “Lost Mode” is especially important to block payments that can be made with Apple Pay if you have registered a card with the payment service on your device. To get it out of this security mode, you must enter your password or disable it on the iCloud site.

If there is no chance that you will find your device again or if it still appears as if it was disconnected from the Internet, there is always one last feature: erase all your data remotely. When reconnected to the Internet, all your data will be erased automatically in order to protect your privacy.

How to find a lost or stolen Android phone

Google also has a Find My Phone-like security feature. The name is a little different: Find my device. Functions are essentially the same. You can play a sound to find the Android smartphone, put an additional password on the device and display a message with your contact number for return or remotely erase all data from the gadget. To enable this feature, you can download the Find My Device app for free from Google PlayStore.

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