How much drink per 100 people?

Hello future brides! I noticed that a question often tormented you in the preparation of your wine of honour: “ How much drinks should I expect? ”. To help you see more clearly, I propose this week an article that details the type of drinks to be served as well as the quantities to be prepared to make your wine of honor like a pro!

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An essential tip: do not offer too many different spirits for the wine of honor.

Why? Already, it allows you to save a little on the post drink while controlling the amounts served. Then it limits the consumption of alcohol that could become problematic for some guests…

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1° I therefore advise you to serve:

  • a flagship drink : punch, soup champenoise, sangria, sgroppino (it’s delicious I’ll talk about it in a next post…) for summer or mulled wine for the winter. So you will be able to calculate exactly the quantities you need and avoid unnecessary waste. As well as the liters of alcohol left on your arms after the wedding!
  • a sweet white wine (sweet and sweet ): accompanied by different liqueurs (blackberry, chestnut, blackcurrant) to make kirs for those who wish.
  • As an option, a beer dispenser (or beer cans) for the unconditional, can stay self-service throughout the evening.

And this is enough for alcoholic beverages!

If you are looking for a recipe for making a delicious punch, check out this article: “DIY: a delicious punch for my wedding!”

(2) For persons who do not drink alcohol, pregnant women and children, you can present these 3 choices:

  • Fruit juices : 3 different fragrances are enough but stay in the traditional to please everyone: orange, multi-fruit and apple for example.
  • Syrup : 2 fragrances (grenadine and orange for example).
  • Soda : 2 different tastes, it’s up to you to choose even if I think a certain red and white brand will be indispensable!

3° And for everyone fresh bottles of water : flat and carbonated.


Here is the amount of drinks to be expected for a wine of honor of 100 people is a duration of about 2 hours :


  • Prepare 25 litres of your drink lighthouse.
  • Plus 12 bottles of sweet white wine.
  • And a barrel of 6 to 10 liters of beer (or 40 cans of 25cl). But if you want to leave the beer in self-service throughout the evening, you will need a beer dispenser with a 30 litre keg (approx. 110 glasses).

Soft Drink:

  • 20 liters of fruit juice
  • 2 bottles of syrup
  • 15 liters of soda

Water at will:

Especially if it’s a summer wedding! Plan 25 liters of plain water and 25 liters of sparkling water for the wine of honor (and so much for your evening!)


You can use one or two bartenders for the wine of honor who will offer a cocktail bar (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic). So, in front of your guests, they will prepare delicious cocktails and manage the amount of alcohol and the rhythm of preparations to prevent people from drinking too much!

If you choose this animation, the amount of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to be expected will change somewhat. Indeed, most people will rather prefer to have a good cocktail rather than another drink. Your bartender will usually calculate the ingredients sufficient to make 2 cocktails per person.

And in parallel to the cocktail bar, always think about offering another alcohol to your guests, for example:

  • A sweet white wine. Amount of drinks to be expected = 1 bottle per 6.
  • Or a sparkling or creamy wine = 1 bottle for 6.
  • Or champagne = 1 bottle for 8.

And finally…

Now that you are at the top on the amount of drinks to be served for your wine of honor, I propose you to consult this article to know everything about the accompaniment (appetizers, glass, small oven,…) to propose for your cocktail: food: the quantities to be expected for the wine of honor

And if you’re afraid that your guests will be bored during the wine of honor, I have listed for you all the activities you can offer here: How to occupy your guests during the wine of honor

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If this article helped you to see it clearer to organize your wine of honor, leave a little comment and tell us what you finally planned for your cocktail?

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