How do I use a FNAC gift card?

All e-commerce sites have different ways of using gift cards on their site. For example, for Amazon, you need to go to your account, add the gift card code and your account is credited for future purchases. This was the way Fnac proceed, until they changed this process from the end of 2019.

At Fnac, the process is therefore slightly different and we propose to assist you in the details of this operation. It is at the very last step of the shopping cart that you will have to check the gift card option to use your gift card online.

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  • Log in to your account or create a customer account.
    • To do this, go to the My Account page.
    • If you do not have an account, fill in your civility, last name, first name and password to complete your registration.

  • Navigate the site search for the products you want to buy and add them to your cart.
  • Go to your shopping cart by clicking on “Shopping Cart” in the top right corner of the site.
  • Validate your shopping cart.
    • Attention, at this stage there is a small trap, do not click on “You have a promo code”, this is the place to enter your gift card.
    • Simply click on the orange button “Validate your cart”.

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  • Choose your delivery method.
  • If you choose a home delivery and do not have a registered address yet, enter an address and click “Add this address”.
  • In the right-hand column (on computer), click on the “proceed to payment” button.

  • In the selection of payment methods, select “Coupon code, Gift Certificates, Gift Cards, Jackpots…” and click Open.

  • Select “Your Gift Cards and Fundraisers”, click on the Fnac logo and enter your Fnac card number and the add-on code. This add-on code is on the back of your gift card, it is a scratch code.

  • Enter your gift card code in the box provided for this purpose.
  • And here it is! The discount applies to the total amount of your order.
  • Please note that you can complete your payment with gift card with other available payment methods (payment in multiple times, credit card etc.).

What to do if you don’t see the gift card payment option appear?

If instead of seeing the screen shown for selecting payment methods, you see an option that only offers you to pay by promo code (“Do you have a coupon code?”) , this is certainly because one of the products you have selected is a product of the marketplace (sellers partner) and not a product sold by Fnac directly.

Indeed, gift cards are only valid for products sold directly by Fnac and not for products in the marketplace. If you want to use your gift card, in this case, the best is to remove the product from the marketplace and replace it with a product sold directly by Fnac.

How do I know if a product is a product of the marketplace or a product sold directly by Fnac?

In your cart, if before one of the products you see “Sold and shipped by” then this is a marketplace product. If you want to use your gift card, you will need to withdraw all products from the marketplace. Here is an example of product marketplace in your cart, we see in blue at the top the mention “Sold and shipped by (…)”.

What is the difference between a Fnac coupon code and a Fnac gift card?

A promo code is a code sent to you by the Fnac to make you enjoy a discount. You can also find many Fnac promo codes on the internet. On the other hand, the gift card is a physical or virtual card that was offered to you by a loved one.

Can I use my gift card in multiple times?

Yes, you can use your gift card in multiple times. For example, if you buy a book worth 10 euros and your gift card is worth 50 euros, you will have a residual balance of €40 on your gift card.

Can I use multiple Fnac Gift Cards for a single purchase?

If you want to use multiple gift cards in one purchase, it is possible. Simply enter the first code, then click add and then enter the following code.

If you have any questions about the Fnac Gift Card, do not hesitate to contact Fnac Customer Service by email.

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