How do I install Adobe Flash Player on Android ?

Want to know everything about installing Adobe Flash Player on Android? We tell you everything in our article: you will know how to install Adobe Flash Player or an alternative in no time. You will also know a little more about the precautions to take before installing the content of a software on Android, from the web.

Adobe Flash Player: Essential for Android

Yes, Adobe Flash Player is a must, as we all know. Alternatives to Adobe Flash Player exist for Android. But how to install this software and application on Android?

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And if you start a manual install, how can you be sure it is clean and secure ? The content of so-called apps hanging around the web is not secure everywhere. We will explain how to safely install Adobe Flash Player on your smartphone running on Android operating system.

Your Android smartphone and Adobe Flash Player

Today, smartphones running Android operating system do not have Adobe Flash Player integrated into the system. Instead, they are instead provided with built-in browsers and capable of playing Flash content .

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Following numerous faults of security, including ransomware (rançonware) and malware detected in so-called official and downloadable content, browser developers have evolved . The native integration of a Flash player into the browser makes it easier and also remains a lighter solution for your smartphone’s memory.

Because an application requires regular updates, many users prefer to opt for an Adobe Flash Player version built into the browser.

The secure solution remains to choose a paid version of an application , in order to opt for a reliable and stable version. This will imply a special vigilance on the source of the content to be downloaded from the web and from the Google Play Store.

Don’t want to install an app? Think of your browser

If you want not to Installing an Adobe Flash Player app or equivalent like Flash Player for Android from the Google Play Store, you can always review your default browser on Android.

Security vulnerabilities have revealed the vulnerability of Adobe Flash Player on Android and finding alternatives to not putting your personal data at risk has become paramount. This case went up to the official removal by Firefox and Chrome of Adobe Flash Player, due to its vulnerability.

Adobe Flash Player victim of attacks

Adobe Flash Player is now considered vulnerable and unstable because it opens the door to rançonware and malware. By giving your personal data to the app, it was not uncommon to receive phishing emails pretexting an important update. Antivirus did not do with them either!

Install Adobe Flash Player on new versions of Android

It is no longer necessary to install a specific application, although it is possible to do so if you stick to it. If your Android smartphone has an up-to-date and reliable browser, then make sure it supports Flash.


For good performance, Flash content can be played by the Flashfox browser, which is an alternative to Firefox. This browser can reproduce any Flash content present on a website. No configuration is required, a simple install and you’re done. Moreover, this browser has few advertisements and they remain at the bottom of the page.

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser is another browser that can transcribe Flash content without a hitch. Installing the app is very simple: go to Google Play Store , click “download” and it’s gone. Simply manage app settings by making sure you click “always enable” (Web content, Flash Player option).

Puffin Browser

Another browser is great for playing Flash content: it is Puffin Browser, which has been present for a few years on Android. This browser is regularly updated and supports Flash content very well. Puffin Browser works like on a PC , so you won’t be lost.

The various versions of Android

Android in 2020 is in its Android 11 version, which has evolved well. Each version of Android has its small name. Before downloading a browser at the top to play Flash content, make sure that the version of the app is compatible with the version of your Android .

Typically, applications go to the page. Do not Do not try too much the devil by buying old versions of smartphones: you risk encountering quite annoying incompatibilities in the long run…

Bend to updated constants

For anyone who wants an operational smartphone and at the top, difficult to give up the latest models that incorporate the latest version Android. Maybe you feel like this is the race for updates ? Don’t panic! Application developers quickly get to the page.

To make sure you get operational Flash Player content, simply follow the trend. You will have no problem installing the latest version of a browser application that integrates playback of Flash content from a website and you will be able to keep track of your mobile and user habits!

The key to be sure To avoid incompatibilities is not to “hack” too much with the various versions of Android applications and operating system. Unfortunately, users do not have their hands on these evolutions, which are ultra-fast.

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