How do I get a copy of a death certificate?

The death certificate is a mandatory administrative document and is necessary for all administrative procedures. Not to be confused with the death certificate.

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What information is in a death certificate?

It contains all marital status information related to the death of the person and the family environment, i.e.: — Identity of the deceased— Date, time and place of death— Date and place of birth— Address and profession— Parents’ surnames and surnames and occupations and domiciles— The surname and surname of spouse or partner of Pacs— The filer’s surname, first name, age, occupation and domicile— The degree of relationship of the registrant with the deceased if any placeThe mention of death is then reported on other civil status documents, such as the deceased’s birth certificate, marriage certificate or family record.

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What is a death certificate used for?

The death certificate allows you to complete all the administrative procedures to be completed following the loss of a relative: — Access to the deceased’s estate (by applying to the notary) — Request the closure of the deceased’s bank accounts— Obtain an employer certificate to obtain days off— Request the regularization of pension and pension records— Applying for a survivor’s pension— Ensuring the payment of insurance—…

How do I get a death certificate?

If the death has just occurred, it is necessary to make the declaration of death with the town hall of the place of death. She’s the one who will issue you the death certificate. The declaration of death can be made by a family member of the deceased or by the funeral home company.If the death is older, anyone can obtain the death certificate. There is no need to have a family connection with the deceased to apply for it. The death certificate is a document of public civil status. To obtain it, you must ask the town hall where the death took place or to the town hall where the deceased lived last. It will be enough to indicate the name and surname of the deceased and his date of death. You can visit the site to make the request, by mail or directly online. Going to the town hall, you can get it immediately.It is important to ask for several copies to complete various steps: bank account closure, succession, lease termination,… The realization and photocopying of documents are free, so do not hesitate to ask for many If the death occurred abroad and the death certificate has not been entered in the French register, the application must be made to the Service Central d’État civil de Nantes.

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