How do I get a bat out of my house?

With the seasons, at certain times of the year, many small animals may want to get into our home, either warm in a house or simply attracted by the light. Bats are one of those nocturnal animals, which, disoriented, can end up stuck in a house. Don’t panic, here’s the solution to get a bat out of your home.

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  • A bat in my house?
    • Protected species
  • Bats: not so witches!
  • Bats stuck in a room?
    • Getting out a bat
    • A colony of bats at home

A bat in my house?

Sometimes we all leave the windows open, to ventilate the house. Whether in the middle of summer or the arrival of autumn, bats can be find stuck in houses or attic , especially when they begin to migrate to hibernate.

If they have not inadvertently landed in your house (disorientation, fear), the bats probably try to settle in order to colonize the house . Once a bat gets into a place in order to hibernate, it is necessary to react quickly, under penalty of seeing the house transformed into a real birdhouse or bat cave.

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Protected species

It may be that sometimes the house concerned is uninhabited and small anfractuosities allow these bats to enter with peace of mind. If so, react quickly, but intelligently. Bats are part of the protected species because they contribute to the balance of the local ecosystem, including the regulation of the insect population.

In the natural state, when you see bats coming out of small anfractuosities housed in the walls, it’s pretty good sign of the vitality of the ecosystem surrounding your home. Because bats are fragile, their presence indicates a healthy environment and the presence of insects.

By the way, some bats can be vectors of disease . Therefore, certain precautions should be taken when catching the animal.

Bats: not that witches!

Bats are among the species that do not make you dream. These small nocturnal animals have always frightened in the international collective imagination . They remind of night, horror movies, witches tales, vampires, diseases, terror attacks of bats clinging to women’s hair…

We go down one level in panic: bats are more fragile than you. When catching them, precautions will need to be taken for several reasons :

  • Bats are fragile;
  • Bats are vectors of disease;
  • Bats are protected species: do not kill them .

Bats stuck in a room?

How to get stuck bats out in a room in your home? We will have to catch them gently, trying not to hurt them and trying not to be in contact with them.

Get out a bat

After identifying where the bats are housed, here are our tips:

  • Equipped with a cylindrical pot;
  • Thick Gloves
  • ; Catch the bat with a tea towel and put it in your cylindrical container;
  • Turn off all lights (indoor, outdoor) and release the bat.

If you have ever been bitten or have touched a bat, contact a doctor for advice.

A colony of bats at home

If you are in the presence of a colony of bats, you will need to contact the town hall of your municipality to know the procedure to follow.

Do not lose sight of the fact that these species of bats are protected. You can call on a bat exterminator : he will know what steps to take to dislodge the bat colony. Regularly monitor your attic to check for deguano presence.

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