How do I analyze a Facebook page?

Even if Facebook offers fairly detailed statistics on the performance of a page, it may be useful to have under the elbow a complete analysis of your activity on the social network. Here are three free tools that have the double merit of being simple to use and that provide comprehensive reports of a Facebook page.

1 — Wolfram Alpha Facebook report.

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The famous search engine provides in seconds a very detailed report of any Facebook page. Just log in a Facebook account and click on the button. Wolfram Alpha provides demographics of your contacts, complete page usage statistics, the most active “friends” or the themes most discussed in the timeline through a word cloud. Wolfram Alpha also provides a beautiful geographical representation that allows you to locate on a world map where your community of friends is located. Link: Wolfram Alpha Facebook Report

2 — Facebook Page Barometer.

This other Facebook page analysis tool looks at the performance of each post on your wall. Facebook Page Barometer tells you how many new fans won after each post, the interactions generated whether it be comments, likes or shares. Facebook Page Barometer will also tell you about the scope and positive or negative feedback of each post. The report is beautifully proposed in a modern and very readable form. Link: Facebook Page Barometer

3 — Fanpage Karma.

This third tool also allows you to analyze a Facebook page. Fanpage Karma allows for its part to carry out a small competitive intelligence. In fact, it offers the possibility of compare two Facebook pages between them. The site offers a comparative table of the scope of each page, the number of followers, the activity, the interactions for each publication, etc. The product report is very complete with graphs.It can and is a plus be exported to Excel format. Link: Fan Page Karma

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