Homemade mushroom: how to treat?

The homemade fungus, also known as the sweet wood merule, grows against a background of water and moisture, like many mushrooms. What treatment should be preferred if your home is infested with wood merule? You are advised on the treatment of a fairly unknown but very troublesome fungus daily in a home.

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  • The merule of wood: a fungus that is plaguing
    • The development of the home fungus
  • Fungus in the home: what treatment?
    • Effective treatment for wood merule

The merule of wood: a fungus that is rampant

Mushrooms, they are obviously preferred in cooking, rather than in his kitchen. The wood merflower, this fairly common fungus in the habitat, usually appears as a result of prolonged exposure to moisture and water. Infiltration, water damage, poor ventilation of bathroom or kitchen… Heat and humidity create the ideal conditions for the development of wood merule.

The development of the home fungus

The merula of wood, this fungus unloved by locals, loves water. It will proliferate in a poorly ventilated room housing for example an aquarium. Do not get used to spreading your linens in the same room without airing frequently. Green plants are also reservoirs for water and fungus spores: avoid putting too much in confined space and without possible ventilation.

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Fungus in the home: what treatment?

The diagnosis is without appeal, fungi appeared on the floor, on your walls, in the corners, even on wooden beams? It is necessary to know that mold can easily be treated. Still, it is necessary to make every effort to ensure that the fungus does not reappear again: ventilation, ventilation, drying of the area, precautions not to encourage the presence of stagnant moisture.

Mold, depending on proliferation, can have disastrous health consequences, especially on the lungs. In France, where many houses have wood, fighting the house fungus or wood merula will pass through the preservation of houses upstream of any appearance of the fungus.

Effective treatment for wood merule

The most effective treatment for wood merule will consist of:

  • Locate the problem : sometimes fungi appear in certain places but are not the original area;
  • To wear masks, gloves, sponge, bleach
  • Dilute bleach; (one twentieth) in warm water;
  • Rub with sponge the infested areas, dry.

The most effective treatment, after the mushroom areas have been cleaned, will consist in sanitizing the room . Condensation can be formed: take the problem from its source and remove water and moisture released, for example, by a misconfigured or fouled tumble dryer.

It is necessary at all costs to avoid the formation of new colonies when faced with the wood merule (following a diagnosis). If the infested areas are too affected, it may be necessary to think about redoing the floor or wall coverings.

Using a dehumidifier can also help you get rid of wood merule. This fungus is tenacious: do not hesitate to review the ventilation and ventilation system of yourhouse.

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