Home Insurance: Making the Best Choice

In life, when moving, when taking a rental or when buying housing, the question of home insurance arises. Compulsory, a multi-risk home insurance covers you against damage to the home, thanks to its guarantees. Find all our tips for making the best choice of home insurance policy.

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  • Home insurance: what you need to know
    • Insurance companies, mutual insurance companies, bancassurances…
  • Home insurance: what guarantees?
  • Civil liability: home insurance home insurance
  • : requests for quotes
  • Our tips for choosing your home insurance Home
  • insurance: what to do if your insurer terminates your contract?

Home insurance: what you need to know

When we you have to choose a new home insurance, either take a new insurer, or keep the same, terminate the current contract and sign a new one. The choice is very wide among insurers: how to make the right choice of home insurance?

Today, there are several types of organizations that offer home insurance:

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  • insurance companies
  • mutual insurance
  • bancassurances

The proposals and guarantees are fundamentally the same. The price may fluctuate, but what really makes the difference is the insurer’s philosophy and ethics , as well as its choice of business model. If you are one of the people who want to get an opinion on these various business models, here are a few things to know.

Insurance companies, mutual, bancassurances…

Let us take stock of the various models of insurers that are available on the market. Some insurers are large groups, others will be small insurers.

limited insurance companies : formerly known as insurance companies, these companies are private. The Insurance Code governs their activity. Their goal is to make profit Public and then redistribute to shareholders. The services offered are aimed at customers, who decide to take out a contract (or several) at home. Examples of public limited insurance companies: Axa, Generali, Allianz, etc.

Mutual insurance companies : their status is clear. Under the Insurance Code, these companies are civil companies that do not have a profit . The profits are therefore theoretically donated and reinvested with members and members. So we are not talking about a “client” with mutual insurance companies, but about members. Small nuance of size: a member will join a contract and not subscribe to it. A mutual insurance has nothing to do with a mutual governed by the Mutuality Code (field of health and welfare). Examples of mutual insurance companies: Groupama, Maaf, Macif, MMA, etc.

Bancinsurance : these institutions areaffiliated with banks , as their name suggests. In recent years, banking institutions have started marketing insurance products. This is done through insurance companies, which may or may not be subsidiaries of these banking groups. Examples of bancassurances: Crédit Mutuel, La Banque Postale, BNP Paribas, etc.

Some others players in the sector operate online and are often subsidiaries of major brands. The price of a home insurance contract is often cheaper, but you are more autonomous and do not have any support for underwriting or claim claims.

For your home/housing insurance, you are spoilt for choice between proposals. It is the responsibility of the subscriber or member to make requests for quotations, in order to be able to compare proposals (formula, guarantee, option, etc.)

Home insurance: what guarantees?

Is your choice made? Before signing a home insurance contract, we advise you to check certain points, including your home and housing insurance coverage:

  • It is important toevaluate the rooms of the housing . If you are renting, the owner will provide you with the essentials and details of the housing, for your home insurance.
  • Value of assets to be secured : overestimating is a bet if you hope to be well covered. Keep proof of purchase and photos of the property.
  • Warranty ceilings exist, including information about warranty ceilings on jewellery, and works of art, for example.
  • Water Damage Guarantees : This disaster is common, check that the warranty involves the leak search costs.
  • Theft warranties : In your contract, check the nature of the requirements to protect the housing openings. Shutters, windows, number of points on security locks, alarm, etc.
  • Inhabitation clauses : if we talk about second residence, for example, you can request that the inhabitation clause be deleted. You will be covered if you are robbed but also if you suffer water damage in your absence.
  • Break of ice guarantee : this guarantee is interesting if your home has a veranda: frequent damage to the windows can be covered.
  • If you would like special assistance , please tell your insurer.

Civil liability: home insurance binomial

When you take out home insurance, you must take the civil liability guarantee . Civil liability will cover damages to third parties:

  • Under your roof, civil liability guarantees cover the damage committed by your children (including adult children).
  • Damage caused by your ascendants under your roof is also covered.
  • Damage caused by your employees under your roof
  • The damage caused by your pets under your roof
  • A loss caused by the objects you own will be covered by your civil liability
  • Civil liability will also cover a construction defect (dwelling you own)

Do not underestimate the guarantees of civil liability, in homes or apartments! Not all insurers include ascendants, children or employees in the same way in their home insurance contracts: check before signing a contract.

Certain damages are not taken into account by civil liability: damage to yourself or your loved ones, damage caused intentionally to others, damage caused by a dog classified as dangerous, motor vehicle, etc.

Home insurance: requests for quotes

It is essential to make several Quote requests if you want to be sure to get the best home insurance contract.

Do not just compare the prices of your home insurance, but also the guarantees, options, the overall protection of the dwelling, the occupant (the tenant or the owner). Many potential damage must be taken into account when choosing a home insurance: do not underestimate the time spent making quotation requests from insurance. This time will be valuable and will allow you to leave serene on your new home.

Indeed, if contact with your insurer is important, the most important thing will be whether the insurer will cover you well in case of damage, fire, damage, theft, disaster, etc. Word of mouth works well: do not hesitate to talk around you about your wish to change your home insurance contract housing.

An anecdote about a insurer can say a lot about philosophy and ethics. The choice of your home insurance contract must be made knowledgeable. All you have to do is hope that your insurer will be as fair as possible to the height of the loss on the housing.

Our tips for choosing your home insurance

Did you know that? Many people take out home insurance with their eyes closed, choosing the insurer of their family, friends, or the nearest insurer, for convenience.

We advise against saving this thought on home insurance. Prices are changing, groups move, attitudes too are fluctuating. To choose your home insurance plan, ask yourself the right questions and keep up to date with all damages coverage feasible.

Home insurance: what if your insurer terminates your contract?

As surprising as it may seem, some groups of insurers may decide overnight to terminate their users’ contracts permanently. Faced with the fait accompli, the French who are concerned then have no alternative but to have to find a home insurance that corresponds to them and that is especially in their means! But unfortunately, finding home insurance after termination is not as simple as one might think and you may well have very bad surprises looking at the different rates on the web! If you are concerned with this situation, it may not be a coincidence.

Insurers do not terminate their clients’ contracts out of cheerfulness of heart, but because they are simply afraid of no longer being paid on time and on time, or because the benefits to be reimbursed are simply too expensive. It may be that some customers no longer pay their home insurance at all: sometimes this can be done by simple lack of financial means, but in other cases it may be perfectly voluntary and it does not like at all insurers who decide to use the big money by simply cancelling the contract that binds them with a customer.

For the millions of French people who are unfortunately affected every year, the situation is dramatic: they must find a solution as soon as possible because home insurance is compulsory in France, and in the event that you do not have one and you are at the heart of a control of the French administration or if you are at the heart of a control of the French administration or ‘an incident would come to your home, the sums you should spend on repairing the damage could cost you a lot of money. Some French people who have had the sad experience would like to go back, but unfortunately it is too late for them today, so they have to pay very large sums.

Fortunately, solutions exist and they are very simple to use: for about ten euros a month, unsuccessful customers can access home insurance easily after their former insurance company has decided to cancel their contract. An opportunity that you must seize today if you are concerned with this situation and are looking for how to remedy it quickly.

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