GPS on mobile phone: how does it work?

Today, GPS has become an important tool for identifying yourself on the road. Moreover, mobile phones are equipped with a powerful GPS system, thus providing a good alternative to buying a dedicated device. It is therefore essential nowadays to take the road with your precious mobile phone equipped with a GPS, whether to search for your itinerary, calculate your travel time or to locate your position. However, how does a GPS on mobile phone work?

Choose your itinerary before starting

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To use a GPS On mobile phone safely it is important to:

  • Choose the most suitable device: several applications can be installed depending on the mobile phone. It is advisable to perform some tests in order to make a good choice and familiarize yourself with this software available on the website Then make sure that the GPS configuration of the smartphone is done.
  • Set up the route before departure: it will be necessary to make a choice if several routes are offered. Make sure that the destination address returned is the correct one. If necessary, do not hesitate to locate the directions in order to follow the route correctly.

Configure sound settings

It is important to set up the sound functions of your mobile phone so you can hear clearly the indications given by your GPS. Also, it is necessary to check the indications given by the GPS so as not to interfter the Traffic Code. This will allow you to avoid a ban on turning or a forbidden meaning. GPS can calculate on its own another route.

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GPS operation on mobile phone

GPS works thanks to trilateration to capture signals, but it only uses a distance calculation without angle calculation. Once the smartphone receives signalsfrom at least 4 satellites, it can then calculate its own latitudes, longitudes and altitudes and thus tell you where you are going or where you are. Indeed, from the signal of the first satellite, the GPS on your phone is able to determine the duration of the signal journey.

Thus, the intersection of three spheres on the GPS corresponds to your position. However, to synchronize the GPSclock, it is important to use an atomic clock. Since a mobile phone does not have this type of clock, they will use the timestamp produced by a fourth satellite. The use of mobile GPS therefore requires four satellites, three of which are to determine the position and an additional one for synchronization. Clocks in reality allow you to obtain exact precision on the position. It will therefore be necessary to enter the necessary information for your GPS with great accuracy. A difference of one microsecond for example leads to an error of 300 meters on the position.

The phone revolution Laptops changed the old habits of buying device only dedicated to GPS functions or the use of maps. Thus, the GPS embedded in mobile phones is of great use. May, the use of this mode reduces the battery life of the phone and consumes a lot of dataInternet.

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