Going on a family holiday to see Santa Claus

To each his dream destination to escape away from everyday life. Christmas is fast approaching, an ideal opportunity to spend good time with family or lover. While some people plan to travel thousands of kilometres, others prefer vacation in the provinces. Generally speaking, the holiday destination is chosen according to the planned budget and its expectations. If you have not yet had an idea of where you are going to spend the holiday season, we’ll tell you more. For those who suffer from some form of stress while flying, also find out in this post some tips to overcome your fear and enjoy every moment of your trip.

Organize your trip for a fairy Christmas holiday

If you are planning a holiday very far away, in another country or in another continent, it is better to book your tickets of plane a few weeks in advance. However, with the only idea of going to an airport or buying a plane ticket, some people already have a ball on their belly. Whatever your fear, sites like ZenAvion Coaching will help you overcome this nervousness and fear by plane through coaching to heal your fear by plane, an internship against fear by plane or an accompaniment in flight. Your coach develops a tailor-made program to help you better manage situations : before departure to get on site, on board, before take-off, in flight, and during landing.

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In order to best prepare your holiday, also make sure that all your documents are in good standing: passport, visa, vaccination book, travel insurance and driver’s license. Creating a checklist to pack your suitcase promises a light holiday and without oblivion.

To choose your clothes, take into account the climate of your destination and the length of your stay. Regarding your accommodation, you can also make your reservation before your departure or arrival, so that everything is already ready once there.

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Destination ideas for Christmas holidays

Before choosing the destination of your Christmas holiday, you should first define your budget, your needs, and your desires . Would you like to spend a moment in nature, by the sea, in the sun, away from the rain or under the snow? Your answers will allow you to define the ideal place where you can fully enjoy your stays. Among the best destinations this year, we offer you:

  • Venice , which is a unique city in the world, founded in the heart of a swamp. It is the capital of Romanticism and gondolas walks.
  • London , the superb capital of England where you will enjoy the charms of British architecture, delicious teas to warm up on the coolest nights and must-see places like Winter Wonderland.
  • Ibiza , this island of the Balearic Islands in Spain, where history and the future meet, is full of surprises. You will discover the hidden side of this destination. It is known worldwide for its generous spirit, hippie movement, breathtaking landscapes, but also for its artistic and creative atmosphere, especially during the Christmas season.
  • Madagascar , this paradise island nestled in the heart of the Indian Ocean puts you away from the cold during your Christmas stay. This destination fascinates for its diverse and rare fauna and flora, its historic places, beautiful beaches and very welcoming population.

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