Go to Corsica with his car ? Good idea ?

You have decided that Corsica would be your holiday destination for this summer! This is an excellent choice that will delight the whole family. But it is precisely because you move to several that you wonder about going to the island of beauty with your vehicle.

One thing is certain, Corsica really wants to have a vehicle on site. You can always opt for a rental on site but it may be very interesting to consider passing your car in one of the ferry bus that serves the island every day. This is neither complicated nor so expensive.

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Should we prefer the plane or boat?

To summarize the situation in a few words, you only have 2 options to reach your destination on the island: by the sea or by the air. Plane or boat? This is the question of all those who come to Corsica for the first time.

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There is no good universal solution, the answer is related to your holiday project, the number of people who travel with you, the time you will spend on site, the accommodation chosen, your mobility needs during the holidays etc…

It is also important to consider your starting point to find out if a port is nearby or determine the number of motorway hours… But when you are with your family, it is common that the choice is about solution car ferry and onboard car rather than the plane rental car formulas.

Why do you need a car in Corsica?

Still is it that the car is indispensable in Corsica, here is why.

First of all because despite its small size, the island is rich in thousands of different landscapes. Every turn, every change of valleys, every passage of cape by the sea offers a new facet of this territory made of mountains and beaches! How could you discover it without a vehicle suitable for the whole family.

Another important consideration is that public transport on the island is almost non-existent, apart from the bus lines that cross the island. But the frequency is low and the stops are not suitable for a tourist discovery. The train in Corsica, even if it is picturesque, allows only large connections between Ajaccio and Bastia with a piece of line towards Calvi. So to be independent and mobile, you need your car.

Especially since no other mode of transport will allow you to join the start of a mountain hike, a path to access a wild cove on the shore or a hidden entrance into the maquis to go swimming in the rivers. How to enjoy the craftsmen route, from a route to Discovering island wines or a panoramic view from a vertiginous road in the Calanche de Piana?

Which companies and ports

There are now 4 shipping companies that allow to reach the island of beauty from the ports of Marseille, Toulon and Nice but also from Italy and Sardinia. The ports in Corsica are located in Bastia and Ile Rousse for Haute Corsica, Ajaccio, Porto Vecchio and Propriano for Southern Corsica.

The choice will first be based on your holiday location on site. No need to book a ticket to Ile Rousse if your rental is at Bonifacio. You may earn a few euros on a promotional rate but will waste a lot of time and energy on the road.

To know the best price, you have to compare the websites of the different companies and maybe put some “flexibility” in your dates. On a single day, the differences can be very important on the same company. Changing a few days can give you access to a great promotion allowing you a few more days on site. Thus, note that the prices are generally much lower on weekdays than for crossings on Friday and Saturday nights.

Once landed, since you are behind the wheel of your car, the real holiday begins! It’s up to you to enjoy it without losing aneminute.

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