Go through a broker for a real estate credit : instructions for use

Today the purchase of real estate can be more and more complicated. Indeed, fluctuations in interest rates and increasing demand lead to strong competition to succeed in obtaining an interesting real estate loan. Depending on the context, financial institutions are increasingly demanding and increasingly snugly about the conditions for granting a real estate loan. Faced with its difficulties, it is therefore strongly advised to go through a real estate loan broker. But then, how is this relationship established, how does it unfold?

Preparation of the plan financing

Before launching it in a real estate purchase project, the first step is obviously based on the precise definition of your desires, your needs and your constraints, especially in terms of financial terms. You need to be clear about these different elements in order to be realistic as to the good you want to acquire. Once these terms and conditions have been studied and defined, you can call on a real estate credit broker. The latter, will assess your financial situation, that is, your purchasing capacity, your income and your expenses. In short, the soundness of your project with banks. Do not hesitate to inquire within your network or with your family and friends to get advice on the broker you will be contacting. Indeed, in this sector, word of mouth and recommendation are widely topical.

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Analysis of loan offers

Once your situation is known, your broker will then have you sign a financing search warrant in order to submit your financing file to various banking institutions. These will therefore be put in competition and your broker will take care of analyzing these offers and choose the financing proposal that will benefit you most according to the rates in force.

Real estate brokers generally benefit from a network of financial partners with whom they know they can obtain preferential terms, particularly because of the volume of business they can bring to them. So they make you benefit from their network.

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Negotiating the real estate loan

The real estate broker’s mission becomes more palpable when negotiating the terms of the loan with the bank that has caught your attention. Indeed, your broker will be able to negotiate a discount on the interest rate of the loan in question, and thus allow you to save on your entire acquisition project.

Tracking your credit file

Depending on the case, the participation of the real estate broker may stop as soon as the loan offer is signed or continue. Indeed, some brokers can also accompany you during meetings in banks and during the negotiations of the various guarantees and above all help you to terminate your loan in advance without paying any compensation. It is up to you to see according to your needs what the role of your real estate broker will be, one thing is sure it will be a paramount provider in the smooth running of your furniture purchase project.

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