Gmail password: how to change it?

Have you lost your password, or want to change your password to have more efficient control over all your Google and Gmail services? Messaging, documents, photos… Changing your password Gmail will apply to all Google services. Here we explain how to change your Gmail password very easily and safely.

Change your Gmail password: all Google services affected

Email is now a practical and indispensable way of communicating in order to receive and transmit personal or professional information . Almost all world has an email access. But how do I change your Gmail password?

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For the security of one or more Google accounts, it is advisable to change your password regularly . Access to all your Google messaging products, documents, photos and more is conditioned and managed by this one unique Gmail password.

When you want to change your Gmail password, it is important to remember it well. This password change applies to all of your Google services . Indeed, user data and information are centralized with Google. Practical: This allows you to simply have access to a whole range of services. A single connection, a multitude of services.

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Gmail password: an email security precaution

This system is not appreciated by all because it can represent a security vulnerability. A single lost password and your email account but also all your Google services are inaccessible: Gmail, Google Maps, Google Chrome, YouTube, Google Drive, etc. This is why it is necessary and strongly recommended to change your Gmail password once a year , with a code and complex encryption.

The steps of changing Gmail password

You are on your Gmail mail service:

  • Click on your settings : this is a gear wheel. Then click Settings . The Gmail settings page opens. The procedure will be the same on Windows, Mac or any other operating system, and no matter the browser.
  • On this page, click the Accounts and Importtab, and then click Change Password .
  • Gmail asks you to reconnect and confirm your current password . A security measure not to leave your Gmail account in the hands of anyone.
  • A page opens: enter your new Gmail password, confirm and click Change Password .

Tips for Changing Gmail Password

To have a strong Google or Gmail password and thus guarantee the security of your account or your various email accounts, products and services, here are our tips:

    • Combine lowercase and uppercase letters
    • Insert digits and/ or special characters
    • Accented letters can also be embedded
    • Change your Gmail /Google password regularly
    • Do not use the same password for all your online services
    • Hold your password and don’t write me null


You know all about changing your password Gmail/Google!

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