Freelance to do web development is easy

Creation of a website, management of indexed databases, secure data storage on an external computer server, etc.; all these missions and many others justify the intervention of a web developer. Yet few companies post this type of job on their list of employees!

This confirms the existence of a significant volume of activity, potentially accessible to freelancers in web development.

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But before declaring himself a “freelance in web development” to contact companies in demand, the entrepreneur must take the necessary steps to their recognition as such.

The missions of web developer, in a few words!

Freelance web developers can each have a different profile and training: BAC 2, BTS, DUT, Engineer, specialized school training, etc. As freelancers, they are dedicated to carrying out assignments for the client company: analysis of the needs for the project and drafting a specification with the project manager, specific development PHP, SQL, CSS, HTML, e-commerce site design, deployment and testing (error fixes), maintenance, etc.

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At a client, the mission is realized by signing the quote between the freelance freelancer and the said client. It is carried out according to a joint schedule and ends when new developments are operational. In their price, the freelancer may include monitoring of their web development or the project manager may wish to take care of it.

Attention, the web developer independent is constantly in “standby”. He is supposed to be up-to-date with all the information on the advancement of technology and the evolution of tools, in order to increase the level of his skills.

What do you need to do to get started in a freelancer?

In France, four legal forms are offered “naturally” to the freelance web developer: Individual Business (EI), Individual Company Limited Liability (EIRL), Single-Personal Company with Limited Liability (EURL, SOLE partner LLC) or SASU (Simplified Single Personnel Joint Stock Company).

No legal status among the four appointed requires specific expertise on the part of the future entrepreneur to gather the necessary information for his registration file. Despite everything, he must apprehend the main advantages and disadvantages:

  • Self-contractor (micro-entrepreneur):

More: online registration, micro-tax system and advantageous social system, no contribution is due in case of absence of activity.

Less: turnover cap at €70,000 and VAT at €33,200 (commercial/liberal services), commitment of the entrepreneur’s personal responsibility.

  • Individual Limited Liability Company (EIRL):

The most: limited entrepreneur liability, uncommitted personal assets, tax status and social status identical to those of the self-entrepreneur (micro-entrepreneur).

  • Company creation: SASU (Single-Personal Simplified Stock Company) or EURL (Single-Personal Limited Liability Company)

The most: creation of a own entity with its linked heritage,

Less: drafting the statutes business, higher cost of creation.

Note, the freelancer can also choose the salary portage, and in this case he is an employee of a company that bills on his behalf, cash the customer payment and remunerates it in the form of salary.

Until then, all the indicators are green and it seems that it is easy to get a freelance status to do web development. The freelancer must then focus on managing their professional structure and in particular on the financial and accounting aspects for which the choice of a financial partner (bank) is paramount.

Choose an eminent banking stakeholder!

Today, business banks are of several types: banking agency in town, banking agency on the internet or even digital agency, also called neobank. This is the case of Qonto, which is characterized as one of the banks best placed to support business management and freelance freelance.

For freelance web developers, digital must position itself as a true business management approach. With this in mind, the choice of a digital or neobank bank is obvious.

To be attractive and stand out, the neobank (digital bank) must have processes adapted to the needs of its customers, linking cutting-edge technology and accessibility. These processes are reinforced by powerful tools and related to responsive, available and competent customer service.

Manage your freelance accounting easily thanks to its neobank (Qonto)

The freelance web developer’s accounting is simplified thanks to the multiple specifics made available to him by Qonto. Thus, Qonto is connected to your company’s accounting software to optimize data entry. The Proof documents are attached in the form of photo files (smartphone).

Accounting tracking is simple and efficient: accounting transactions (cash receipts and outflows) are identified and categorized, the amount of VAT is automatically detected and receipts are digitized for each expenditure.

Important: In the process of creating a business, the freelancer can, after opening a bank account with Qonto, deposit 100% of the share capital there. This account is unlocked when Qonto is in the possession of the company’s Kbis, validating the procedures ofcreation.

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