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Want to have the MP3 version of this beautiful motivational video that you saw on Youtube for your sports sessions? Want to download the audio from this podcast or conversation in English so you can listen to it on the bus to improve your English? Want to get the audio version of your favorite Youtube videos to make it a playlist for the next night? In short, there are several situations where downloading a Youtube video in MP3 format is very useful. To do this is possible and the process is very fast. There are dozens or even hundreds of free Youtube to mp3 converters that are accessible on all platforms. Some of them are relatively slow, others offer non-intuitive interfaces. Some even ask you to create an account or sign in with your google or Facebook account. In this ocean of converters, it is worth it is worth looking for the best solutions. This is precisely what we offer in this article that presents the top 5 converters in 2020 from Youtube to mp3.

The 5 Best Youtube MP3 Converters

YTMP3 file

You will definitely like this converter. It is simple with intuitive operation. It only offers the ability to convert youtube videos to mp3 or mp4. If you don’t want to get lost on an interface filled with buttons then YTMP3 is what you need. To convert a video to mp3 simply:

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  • Copy the link from this video and paste it into the proposed input bar
  • Click on the “convert” button
  • Then click on the button ‘Download which is display’

And that’s all. Very fast, isn’t it? It should be noted that YTMP3 is also available on smartphones via browsers like chrome or safari.


FLVto allows you to convert videos and audio from YouTube to MP3 format online. It always uses the best video quality to produce the best MP3 quality possible. Converting with FLVTo is very easy and intuitive too. The same process applies to:

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  • Copy link and paste
  • click download the resulting mp3 file

The special feature of FLVTO is that it offers a software or desktop version compatible with computers running Windows, macOS and Linux.

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MP3 Youtube

Like other sites, MP3 Youtube is free, offers an intuitive interface and implements the same method to convert youtube videos to mp3. You can access the site by clicking here.

Youtube MP3 Converter

This converter also has the same characteristics as the previous one. You also need to copy the video link and paste it to convert and download it. The peculiarity of Youtube MP3 Converter is that it offers the download button of 3 other video conversion sites to mp3. It’s like a three in one. Click here to access the website.


This Youtube to mp3 converter allows you to convert Youtube videos to MP3 file with very good quality. The operation takes place in a simple and intuitive way. To convert a youtube video to mp3, simply:

  • Copy the link of the video you want to convert (link in the address)
  • Paste the link into the input bar of the website.
  • Choose MP3 format from the Format drop-down menu
  • Then click the Start button to start the conversion
  • Download the file from the link generated at the end of the conversion

It should be noted that this OnlineVideoConverter is also available on smartphone browsers and is completely free. In addition, you can convert as many videos as you want. Finally, you should know that it also supports other video sites such as Dailymotion and Vimeo.

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