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Are you planning to follow or integrate MS Project training in or around Marseille? What are the useful information to know about this very comprehensive project management training? What are the outlets? We talk to you in more detail about the MS Project training below.

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  • What you need to know about MS Project training
  • Management, management and planning of projects with MS Project
  • Pedagogical objectives of a training MS Project
  • Training project management in Marseille: the human factor
  • MS Project: the project, beyond tools and technology

What you need to know about MS Project training

MS Project training consists of training at the interface of MS Project, a project management software published by Microsoft. You have heard about it as part of the creation of your business or your professional conversion? You just want to evolve in your professional life and want to take charge of project management? Doing a MS Project training allows you to work alongside a powerful and recognized tool.

Project management, management and planning with MS Project

The software and a fortiori MS Project training teaches you much more than just project management. You learn how to plan and manage a hand-in-hand project . You maneuver and give impetus to a project but also to all the members of the team who work on it.

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Training MS Project in Marseille also means giving yourself the opportunity to find a job in Provence, as a project manager, project manager or even as a project management consultant, in general. Opportunities are numerous and there are has a thousand and one way to bring your MS Project training to life once you have acquired the basics and fundamentals of it.

Teaching objectives of a MS Project training

Any MS Project training, in project management in Marseille or elsewhere, requires educational objectives in order to sanction the achievements. The projects put in place will include:

  • Desktop and Excel database (
  • MS Project Interface Essentials
  • task creation of the project, in duration
  • the establishment of a certain sequence logic
  • optimizing margins
  • the association of resources to the project
  • project progress monitoring
  • gap analysis and improvements

Project management training in Marseille: the factor

Integrating MS Project training in planning, piloting and project management does not only mean being able to manage a project from A to Z. The human factor obviously comes into accounthuman . Because a project is often set up to many within a company — whether it’s a group or a small start-up — it is essential to take into account the human factor.

Certain issues may arise during a project and it is essential to address them. By integrating project management training, you will also be tested on your ability to give the right impetus to a project.

Beyond technical, computer and technological tools and assistance, we all know that a project is also the story ofan encounter between several performers. The best projects are emerging thanks to good team cohesion .

MS Project: the project, beyond tools and technology

While it is essential to know how to follow specifications , it is equally important to know how to keep your place in the project chain. Knowing how to manage a budget, how to manage unexpected tensions, an unexpected or a serious unponderable in the management of the project… will all be themes that you will be likely to discuss during your MS Project training in Marseille.

From resource resources, your MS Project training, like many other training courses, brings you to understand all the ins and outs of project management, planning and management through MS Project.

Ask your CCI to find out which MS Project training suits you best in and around Marseille. Whether in initiation, improvement or to review the fundamentals in computer graphics with MS Project, task organisation, multimedia management… Your goals are achievable with MS Project training , to find work in the private or public sector.

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