Forestry management through IT

Computing is one of those great tools that are now adaptable to many areas. Forest management is not left behind, as it can also benefit from these strengths. Because sustainable forest management is a key element in the environmental approach, solutions are being developed around these projects.

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Article Plan

  • Ia’s or IT for Forestry
    • Facilitating Management in the IA’s Timber
  • Sector and the Environment
  • Technological Research for the Planet

IA’s or IT at the service of foresters

IA’s is one of the major players in the sector, when it comes to information technology and forest management. Indeed, in the wood sector, it is also issue of sustainable development in order to best manage forests. Forestry management by computer technology allows us to monitor the evolution of a forest and to know exactly what means to implement and when.

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Many professional foresters are encouraging this collaboration with the IT sector in order to have an easier job. The IT tools offered by IA’s are primarily aids that enable better industrial management of forest logistics , but also better forest management, in terms of sustainable development.

IT solutions collect data that after processing provides valuable indicators of forest condition and forest management opportunities.

Facilitate management within the timber industry

The IA’s thus offers foresters sustainable forest management adapted to their needs. Because the industrial sector is significant in the timber industry, IT had to be necessary to facilitate complex management.

IA’s is a company that offers foresters and professionals in the timber industry software ranges, tools but also voice solutions . With 25 years of experience and development in the market, IA’s is the leader of this kind of solution on the market. IA’s managed to win by deploying more than 4,500 aircraft in the forest zone in France.

The aim of this company is also to offer its services extensively throughout the world in order to discover the full interest of IT in forest management.

Ia’s and the environment

Technology develops and with them values environmental friendliness. As the management and exploitation of wood in France is a more than important subject, Ia’s, a leader in the proposal of software solutions, has made respect for the environment its battlehorse.

Reduced ecological footprint, commitment as an eco-citizen company, eco-accessibility… The environment is at the heart of the debate and sustainable forest management cannot be an overfledged issue.

For better management of the forest sector, while promoting the use of state-of-the-art facilitating technologies, IA’s has been able to develop webinars or web conferences that enable effective training while reducing its carbon footprint.

Technological research at the service of the planet

Forest management is a booming sector in France. The demand for wood is always growing, the industry had to adapt . In the face of the danger of overexploitation, sustainable management has succeeded in making a place in the forestry sector.

Today, thanks to new technologies offered by companies like IA’s, it is possible to measure forest management in a qualitative and quantitative way. With these easy-to-use software solutions, players in the field are able to know how to manage their forests in the most efficient way .

Efficiency therefore depends on the cost-effectiveness of the forest management system, respecting the environment and the regulations on tree and forest exploitation. As a result, IT has been able to adapt to many sectors, each of which deserve to be promoted through facilitating technologies such as forest management tools and solutions.

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