Find a guarantor: how to do?

You are in full search of rental accommodation. The guarantor is the central point of your lease file. It represents, as its name suggests, a guarantee for the landlord against the rent owed by the tenant. Here we give you some tips and solutions to find a guarantor very simply.

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  • No guarantor: who can deposit your rent?
  • The online rental deposit
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  • bank deposit The
  • Visale deposit, a guarantee Action Housing
  • The traditional solution for a guarantor: a relative or a friend

No guarantor: who can deposit your rent?

In France, when you do not have a guarantor in the real estate sector of the rental, it is difficult to imagine being a tenant of a dwelling. Many people, often students, may end up for some reason or for another without a guarantor to be surety when signing their lease agreement.

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A landlord must be able to trust his tenant and think that in the event of a hard blow, he will collect his rent and will not have to handle rent outstanding . To do so, when compiling and submitting your lease or lease file, you will be asked to have a guarantor. This person will deposit and pay your rent for you if you are unable to do so for your accommodation.

Having a guarantor greatly facilitates landlord to tenant relationships. This guarantee creates trust , which is not insignificant when you know what problems can sometimes arise during a lease.

No panic : there are various and varied solutions to find a guarantor for your housing.

The online rental deposit

The online rental deposit is intended to represent a guarantee for anyone who does not have a guarantor. Your file is studied by experts: the information and documents provided are duly verified in order to prove your reliability but also your creditworthiness .

In case your case is admissible, you will receive a guarantee certificate that allows you to prove a solid guarantor. For your landlord, this guarantee certificate has as much value as the last three payslips from any guarantor.

Different agencies offer this system of surety. In return, you will be asked to make a contribution that usually corresponds to a percentage of your rent.

Online rental surety organizations are responsive and can provide you with a certificate of warranty in 24 hours months if your record is clear. You can choose between several providers for these modern and practical services. Some also propose to deduct the rent and the contribution directly from the tenant’s bank account, then dispatch the sums to their own service and then to the owner: a bonus that simplifies life.

The bank deposit

For the rental of your accommodation, there is also a bank deposit. This is nothing less than a form of joint and solidary bond . To claim it, certain conditions must be met. Your bank may become a surety and act as a guarantor to your owner if you agree to comply with certain terms and conditions.

The operation of the bank guarantee is simple: a sum corresponding to several months of rent is paid to a blocked account . If you stop paying your rents and you are at risk of outstanding payments, the account is unlocked at the request of the landlord in order to withdraw the funds owed.

Not all banks offer the bank deposit service: ask your bank.

The Visale deposit, a Housing Action Guarantee

Action Housing is very active to help any tenant without guarantor to stay in spite of everything. AL is the guarantor for your accommodation and for your account. The organization advances the money , but then you have to settle your debt with them in good logic.

The limit is 36 months of unpaid rent. No physical guarantor exists, it is a moral guarantor. The Visale guarantee does not apply to all tenant profiles. The following are concerned:

  • Employees in the private sector excluding CDI
  • Employees in CDI and trial periods
  • The employees over 30 years old with a new job for less than 6 months
  • Employees in vocational transition
  • Young or student (18-30 years old)

Visale offers you the assurance of finding accommodation without asking yourself about the guarantor.

The traditional solution for a guarantor: a relative or a friend

The most obvious solution is to ask a friend or relative to deposit your rental file. Entourage is often asked for warranty requests for the rental of an apartment.

In the case of an unpaid, the landlord can turn to the guarantor and hold him accountable. The tenant is responsible and liable for the sums of rent… just as his guarantor. The latter can therefore be sued by the owners in case of unpaid payments.

You have the choice between the simple bond and the solidary bond.

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