Find a credit by being logged with the National Bank of Belgium

If you do not pay your credit after 3 months in a row, you are charged to the central office of the National Bank of Belgium (BNB). This file prohibits you de facto from being able to subscribe to a new credit until you have regularized your situation. How can file people borrow? Answer elements in the sequel…

A plug that protects you from over-indebtedness

The NBB is a restrictive measure to protect Belgians from over-indebtedness. The burden of debt is such that some households can no longer make ends meet. No longer paying off his credits can have a very disastrous impact on his life. Indeed, no credit agency will be able to lend you money anymore.

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And to get paid, the bank can request that your property be seized for a public sale. And even after a full refund, you have to wait 15 months before you can apply for a new credit.

If you are a file and you are a tenant, be aware that you will not have the opportunity to apply for a loan. On the other hand, by owning a building, you have the option to find a credit agency for a registered person.

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Be fired and borrow again is possible!

As an owner, you have enough to convince a credit organization, including strong guarantees. And that’s when the owner credit comes in. This credit is a mortgage that will allow you to borrow money to pay off all your debts as long as your financial situation improves.

And the better your property is in good condition, perfectly maintained, the more chances you will get to get your mortgage credit. To do this, you will have to submit your application for credit filed with National Bank. Your file and your situation will be scrupulously studied. Taking a mortgage means more flexible monthly payments to negotiate at the best rate and longer.

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