File rental apartment: what documents?

Are you preparing to make your tenant file for renting an apartment? What documents are essential to build a good record and weigh the balance in your favor against a landlord or a real estate agency? To win a lease agreement, the tenant’s file is important, at least in France. You are told everything about the documents to provide (or to require, if you are an owner) in an apartment or house rental file.

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  • Why build a good record for a rental?
    • Tenancy file: solvency and reliability of the tenant
  • The documents essential to a tenancy file
    • The guarantor: proof of security and tenancy file

Why set up a good record for a rental?

In the real estate and rental sector, when you wants to get housing, it is important to give yourself all the chances. Making a good impression in the face of its potential landlord is more than important: this is what will make the difference. The landlord seeks to be reassured in the face of his tenant , both human and material and financial with the regular and effective payment of rent. As a tenant, you are committed to many points and your landlord must be sure that these commitments will be respected.

Tenancy record: solvency and reliability of the tenant

Also, any landlord is entitled to require a tenant suitor to provide a complete and clear tenancy record. Whether for a house or apartment, the process will be the same and the documents will be generally similar. Your seriousness, your dynamism and your solvency as tenant will be the key points of your file and the impression you leave to the landlord.

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It is essential not to try to hide anything from your owner. The tenant knows his commitments, the landlord knows his own. For a good tenant-to-landlord agreement , start with a complete and transparent lease file for the lease agreement.

Documents essential to a rental file

A set of documents and parts, original and copies , will be requested for your rental file:

  • A valid document or proof of identity, with photograph and signature of the holder;
  • If the future tenant has a job, a copy of the employment contract or failing that, a certificate from the employer. The remuneration must appear, as well as the duration of the period test and date of entry into service;
  • The last three salary slips or proof of payment;
  • The last tax notice;
  • A certificate (or the last 3 receipts of rent) from the previous lessor indicating that the tenant is up to date of the sums owed, rents and charges.

The owner may not require to present documents that are intrusive to privacy, such as a copy of a bank account statement, a criminal record, a social insured card, etc.

By decree of November 5, 2015 , no further supporting documents may be requested. Any owner may require all of the parts listed above, even if in fact most sometimes stick to less.

Good to know : no booking check can be requested from the tenant. Before signing a lease agreement, none amount of money must not be paid. If you subsequently wish to receive rent receipts for your home, simply ask for them from the landlord.

The guarantor: proof of deposit and rental file

Regarding the guarantor — the person or body holding a security for the tenant — additional documents and supporting documents may be requested.

It is more than useful to present the proof of security from the first visit , in order to reassure the owner of the situation in the event of default and outstanding payments. For any accommodation, the deposit can be bank, Visale or come from a parent or unami.

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