Exposure east, north, south, west : how to choose the orientation

Any desires or ideas about buying an apartment in France? How to know the exhibition and therefore choose the right thing? Whether for a house in the province or for an apartment in Paris, a north, south, east or west exposure will change the view on the sunshine and therefore on your daily comfort. We explain what you need to know about the East, North, South and West exposure.

Home and apartment exhibition: recognize and choose right

If you intend to buy old or new housing, you will be faced with many criteria to consider before committing. Among them, the exhibition of housing: north, south, east, west? The sunshine of rooms in an apartment or house plays on electricity and heating bills, whether in the heart of Paris or in the countryside.

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Thanks to a well-oriented accommodation, you get maximum brightness but also a natural heating system and free of charge . That said, depending on the region of France where you are going to live, the heat will be more or less sought, especially if you have a garden. Whether you are in the city centre of Paris or rather in the South, in the countryside, your choices will have to be adapted accordingly.

Knowing that the sun rises to the east and sets to the west, how can we properly recognize the orientation of an apartment? Our keys to understanding.

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How to check the orientation of a dwelling

The exhibition

The northern exposure is rarely soughtnorth when you want to make a real estate purchase. Why? Essentially because in the middle of winter, you may get cold and end up in a dark, even damp housing. The sun runs from east to west, achieving a more or less marked inclination towards the south. In the heart of winter, who has never dreamed of optimal sunshine of his home? Failing to request museum-worthy lighting, minimal sunshine is required.

The north exposure is ideal for the bathroom and kitchen.

South exposure

In France and around Paris in particular, the southern exposure is most popular by future purchasers or tenants of a property. It corresponds to maximum sunshine. In general, we like to have a sunny and bright stay, in order to enjoy a beautiful living room or access to the garden. The rooms, they, do not have that need. Whether direct or indirect, the contribution of luminosity affects our well-being , and of course, on our bills!

The exhibition is

If your future accommodation is exposed is, your accommodation will have morning light. It is an ideal exhibition for rooms , for example. You avoid excess heat, while enjoying a soft light, ideal for housing located in the southern regions of France.

The West Exposure

Who has never dreamed of a quiet late summer evening, on the terrace or on a balcony overlooking the garden? In France, the south-facing terrace is particularly sought after . Why, then? It allows you to enjoy the sun’s rays until the last moment, with family or friends, but saves you the direct warmth on the living rooms, during the day.

How to check the exposure of my apartment or my house?

Are you going to visit accommodation in Paris or in the province and want to know the orientation of the rooms? Get a compass (smartphone app) and walk quietly around the house or apartment.

Exposure of a property is also a good negotiating argument . To improve your comfort, tackle the subject: your future accommodation is not an empty museum but a real place to live. Start the bets and find the perfect accommodation!

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