Everything about the document or image viewer

What is a Document Viewer? You may have heard of that somewhat barbaric name. This name refers to a very practical tool that can be used at home, in a conference or for any use for educational purposes. You are told everything about the document and image viewer.

What is a document viewer ?

The viewer is a pretty great tool, if we were to compare it to its ancestor of meeting rooms or classrooms, the overhead projector.

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The viewer is a device that is often found in pedagogical learning. Schools, universities, training centres or private conference and training rooms, in companies. This is a highly improved version of its ancestor the overhead projector.

Progress from the overhead projector

This tool is considered a beautiful technical evolution. The viewer reads an image or document placed on a stand. You can then enlarge the image and zoom on the document, depending on the needs of the group and the session.

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The image that is captured and zoomed is then projected onto a white wall, allowing all speakers or the public to enjoy full of experience. Easier to use than an overhead projector , the viewer can connect via USB to a laptop.

The viewer: a tool that promotes interactivity

Visualizers have become essential in meeting rooms, conference rooms or classrooms. To ensure an interactive side , test the viewer with your audience!

plugged in to a laptop, viewers charge each other while allowing to share an image or document. The very practical advantage of the viewer: you can completely do without preparing in advance a presentation When , a slideshow or photocopies of the image or documents you have chosen to present.

Use classroom or meeting visualizers

Visualizers take only a few and are increasingly being used in the classroom by teachers and trainers. They allow sharing the document or image with the entire class and promotes interaction with learners.

Documents such as books or magazines can be placed directly under the viewer, which will capture the image. You adjust the zoom to your convenience and project the image onto a wall. The image can be enlarged using a projector and documents are accessible to everyone in an immaterial way.

Better learning and time saving

Any teacher or trainer is a winner in using a viewer. The work of the trainees and learners can be presented live in front of the rest of the group in order to feed a common reflection. The group is stimulated, learning is more fluid too.

Environmentally friendly, the viewer avoids photocopying and makes the image and document visible without the hassle of zooming. Visualizers are also perfect for saving time in class. No more long diagrams and drawings on board: everything can be done in small format, which is more convenient for the teacher and more readable for students or trained.

Using the viewer for a live demo

Visualizers can also be used in live demonstrations. Very convenient if the room is configured in such a way that the audience does not see exactly what is happening.

With your viewer, make demonstrations during chemistry classes, and for any practical work that requires manipulation. You gain time and visibility.

Practical features of viewers

The format of The image can be adjusted on the viewer to suit the audience. Any document can be shown, without worrying about brightness, resolution or zoom and focus. The viewer has a built-in camera that transmits live everything that is captured.

This is a small revolution in the digital sector, because the object is small, practical, light and useful. Plugged into your computer, you can directly share the screen of your PC with the room.

A tool cheaper than an interactive whiteboard

Much cheaper and cumbersome than an interactive whiteboard, the viewer imposes itself as a tool that forces us to rethink how to teach a class. The additional advantage of viewers lies in the fineness of the details of the image captured by the viewer.

For the budget of a training centre, university or school, the visualizer is very naturally established as a practical and easy to use tool.

For companies, in meeting rooms or conference rooms, you don’t have to worry about lack of attention anymore: the image is quality , and you avoid wasting time with facilities that may sometimes be lacking at the last moment. Practical: For roaming trainers, viewers take little space.

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