Employment Cluster attestation: explanations

You have been an employee, on an employment contract, and you have heard of the Pôle Emploi certificate? What is the Employment Pôle attestation? Also known as an employer certificate, ASSEDIC certificate or work certificate, this document is essential in calculating your unemployment entitlement . We tell you everything you need to know about this essential document for the Employment Centre.

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  • What is the Employment Pôle attestation?
    • What is the Employment Pôle attestation used for?
    • What are the mandatory mentions on your Pôle Emploi certificate
  • How to obtain the Pôle Emploi certificate?
    • How do I print an Employment Pôle attestation?
  • How to register for the Employment Centre without a certificate?
  • The individual employer and the Employment Pôle attestation

What is the Employment Pôle attestation ?

This document entitled “Employer attestation destined to Pôle Emploi” is given to the employee by his employer at the end of his contract.

It is made in several sheets with 8 sections . These give details of numerous administrative information about you, your employer, the reason for breaking the contract, the employee’s supplementary pension plans, the nature of the employment, the contract (CDD, permanent, full-time, part-time…), the work schedule, the notice, the salary, the bonuses, the balance of any account, etc.

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What is the Employment Pôle attestation used for?

It is mainly used to establish unemployment rights vis-à-vis the Employment Centre.

Once the Employment Centre receives this document, a calculation is made on your entitlements to unemployment benefit. You can benefit from it or look for work, depending on your situation.

In case you choose or are forced to remain unemployed (paid or not), you will have to update your situation every month . Updating your situation triggers the payment of your allowances.

To learn more about the update and to know the dates of payment of unemployment benefits, visit the Employment Centre website: you will find an annual schedule of the planned payments.

What are the mandatory mentions on your Pôle Emploi certificate

Mandatory information must be included on all Pôle Emploi certificates:

  • Employer’s URSSAF number
  • Identity of the employee
  • Employment held and its duration
  • The reason for termination of contract
  • Details of wages received during the 12 months preceding the end of the contract (number of hours, net salary and breu, etc.)
  • All premiums paid including those related to the end of contract

Employee : have you just finished a contract and your employer gave you your certificate Pôle Emploi? Take the time to check for the information mentioned above. If not all of them appear on this document, you are entitled to turn against your employer.

In case the information filled out on the document is inaccurate, and depending on the quality of the employee/employer agreement, get closer to your employer. Modifications are generally possible, amicably.

Employer : Take the time to fill out this paper correctly. The Employment Centre guides you with an explanatory instruction to fill it out. Since 2012, companies with more than 10 employees are required to complete this document electronically, via the Teleservicine Pole Employment. You can also download the document directly from the online service, and then fill it manually.

How do I get the Employment Pôle attestation?

How to retrieve employer certificates? Are you an employee? The Pôle Emploi certificate must be given to you by your employer at the end of your contract, regardless of the reason for breach of the contract (breach of contract, resignation, termination of contract, dismissal, etc.).

What if you are not sent your Pôle Emploi certificate by hand or by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt, under “reasonable time” (fortnight)? Every employee is entitled to turn to justice (advice of Prud’hommes) in order to obtain damages following the damage suffered (Cf Cass soc 25 January 2012 n°10-11590). If you are potentially compensable, the later this paper is sent, the longer you will have to wait for your entitlements to unemployment benefit should be studied.

Depending on the case, this can have serious consequences for the daily life of the former employee, not to mention the moral damage suffered.

The employer has an obligation to provide ASSEDIC certificates or employer certificates (article R.1234-9 of the Labour Code). At the same time as the employer gives this certificate, he must also give the employee his work certificate and receipt for balance of any account.

How do I print an Employment Pôle attestation?

Are you an employee and you are waiting for your certificates? As an employee, it is not possible to print employer certificates directly. Your employer is required to:

  • or send it to you by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt
  • or to make it available to you at the head office of the company
  • or to put it back in your own hands

You are an employer and you are wondering how to print certificates Pôle Emploi? You can fill out the employer certificates of your employees online thanks to the teleservice set up by Pôle Emploi. You also have the option to download blank ASSEDIC certificates online.

You are free to print them and then complete them and hand them over to your former employee within a reasonable period of time, along with the rest of the required documents. Your former employee will be entitled to unemployment benefits if necessary.

How to register for the Employment Centre without a certificate?

You are an employee and you are waiting for your termination documents. It is quite possible to register for the Employment Department without having the following papers:

  • Attestations ASDIC
  • Certificate of work
  • Receipt for balance of any account

The temporary absence of these documents in your file may result in a deferral of the payment of unemployment benefits for the employee.

The individual employer and the Employment Pôle attestation

You are a private employer and this is the first time that you have to draw up certificates at Pôle Emploi? Don’t panic, the Employment Centre website guides you. Register online on the Pôle Emploi website using your URSSAF number. You can then enter directly online information about the contract that ends for you and your employee.

The National Federation of Private Employers can also assist you in completing the administrative documents relating to the contract between you and your business.

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