DIY: How to make your glass table yourself ?

The idea of making your glass table yourself may seem a bit senseless at first, especially when you know that it is possible to buy one on the market. But in addition to stifling your creativity, you spend money. The advantage of making your own decorative objects is that you can customize them. By the way, it’s not so difficult. Just follow a few DIY tutorials so that your unique and timeless glass coffee table takes place in the middle of your living room. In addition, the maintenance of glass is easy. So let yourself go to this experience that will make your guests jealous!

What is it than the glass? Why you chose this material

Glass is a material that fits in the air of time. It is environmentally friendly and allows light to pass through. It undeniably gives a modern look to a room. Made from 70% sand, the mixture of this material is done with soda and lime heated to 1600 °C. In a large oven, a liquid will be obtained which, when cooling, takes its initial form.

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What are the strengths and limitations of a glass table?

The glass table is very original and brings a touch of modernity to the decoration. Very aesthetic, it can be presented in several forms (square, rectangle and many others). You do not necessarily need to clutter yourself with table cloths, because it brings shine and brightness to the room. Easy maintenance, it is full of many advantages. However, the fact remains that there are also shortcomings to raise. Indeed, it requires a lot of attention. Heavy loads and heavy shocks are to be avoided. Avoid turning it into a chair or placing very hot objects in it! This type of table requires daily cleaning and exposes to the open the slightest brown of dust . Fans of glass tables need to prepare accordingly.

How to make your own glass table?

Before you start making a glass table, be aware that there are many criteria to consider, including the shape of the table, its dimensions, the type of glass, etc.

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When it comes to the shape of the table, be aware that it is how your interior space is arranged that will determine whether you need a rectangular, square, oval or round table!

wooden and glass coffee table made from rest of pallet. Image source: As for the dimensions of the table, they depend on the use you want to make it and the number of people likely to use it. However, be aware that to ensure the circulation around the table, you will have to leave at least 70 cm on each side!

If you have made the choice of a square glass table, then it must have a minimum width of 60 cm to accommodate 6 people and 120 cm in diameter for the round table. And if it is a dining table, then it should be at least 70 cm in height, while a coffee table should be between 30-40 cm.

it comes to choosing the glass for your table, we strongly recommend a tempered glass When that you can find at for a custom cut. The advantage of tempered glazing is that it is strong enough and more resistant, due to its heat treatment. You can opt for a glass with a thickness of between 4 and 15 mm.

Now you know what it takes before you start your work. But our attention will be focused on making a coffee glass table . Manufacturing uses appropriate tools, namely:

  • 8 wooden battens;
  • A tempered glass top of 90 × 30 cm;
  • A medium board of 30 cm × 30 cm;
  • Paint (color of your choice);
  • A wood saw;
  • Glue.

What are the respective procedures to follow?

The success of your project to make a glass table depends on the scrupulous observance of these different stages:

  • First step: you need to start by sawing the battens, to cut eight pieces of 90 cm and 40 pieces of 30cm, while reassuring that you have followed the measurements chosen.
  • Step 2: Using the paint of your choice, you should paint the board to the desired color until the desired texture is obtained.
  • Step 3: You must start assembling the battens by meticulously superimposing the two large battens on two small battens. Remember to add two points of glue to each end, so that the battens are securely fixed! Rest assured you have fixed the latter well! Continue mounting the structure!
  • Step 4: glue the previously painted board in the center! Then, finish by laying the glass tray above the structure! So you will get your glass coffee table, without having to put too much effort.

Carry out your own table is possible. You just have to have your tools at hand and scrupulously adhere to the instructions given. It is a very edifying project and economic for all those who wish to embark on inadventure.

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