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What if you become an optician? The profession of eyewear optician is one of the optical professions that serve people and more particularly their vision. Do you like selling and everything related to glasses? We introduce you to the profession of eyewear optician.

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  • The eye optician, an optical professional The
  • various missions and the role of an optician
    • Assemble lenses, ensure correctness of correction
  • The skills required to be an optical optician
  • The advantages of the profession
  • How to become an eyeglass optician?
    • The bachelor pro
    • The BTS optician lunetier
    • University courses
  • Salary of a lunetier optician

The eyewear optician, an optics professional

Eyeglass Optician is certainly not an improvising profession. The eyeglass optician is radically different from the ophthalmologist, with whom he should not be confused. The ophthalmologist is an eye specialist doctor , who sends his patients to see a lunar optician.

The eyewear optician follows a prescription, and provides his client with glasses or lenses adapted to his vision.

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Specialist in optics, the eyewear optician is in France the only trader and practitioner authorised to deliver correction lenses or contact lenses. On the territory, there are nearly 11,000 eyeglass opticians, empowered to provide you with what you need in optics to correct your eyesight and make your everyday life easier.

The various missions and the role of an optician

A lunetier optician who works in point of sale has the mission of welcoming the customer and the care of his or her specific request, for him, a parent or a child.

Clients usually come with a medical prescription , which the eyeglass optician carefully examines to determine how to proceed and what the deadlines would be.

Sometimes additional tests are performed to verify the customer’s vision. Depending on whether the customer wishes to equip himself with a pair of glasses or contact lenses, the eyewear optician advises him on various fields:

  • Function;
  • Correction;
  • aesthetic;
  • Practicality;
  • Materials;
  • Mounts, etc.

It should be noted that if the client chooses to wear lenses, processing the case and demand takes much longer than for glasses with frame. Indeed, lenses are made to measure , while frames are often ready and sometimes it takes an afternoon (depending on vision impairment) to develop good corrective lenses.

Lenses can be manufactured on-site or by an external laboratory if the eyeglass optician does not have the equipment to develop lenses that match the customer’s request.

Finally, the optician checks his stocks, places orders and is in direct contact with his suppliers.

Assemble the glasses, make sure correctness of correction

The eyewear optician exercises a serious profession, in that he has the responsibility to provide lenses, glasses or contact lenses that are perfectly adapted to the needs of the customer.

At the slightest deviation from medical prescription or at the slightest nuance, glasses or lenses can cause significant headaches and even change vision in the wrong direction. Many skills are therefore required to practice this profession, apart from the training and the traditional curriculum to become a lunetier optician.

The eyeglass optician assembles the lenses, polishes them, grinding them, adapts them, adjusts them and reviews centering and measurements throughout the procedure.

Skills required to be an eyeglass optician

To exercise this high precision profession, you must first have a sense of welcome and want to be at the service of the human.

Your commitment makes you a professional related to the healthcare sector, without being a professional. You have a sense of relationship and are a good trader. You like to advise clients and stay courteous and friendly in all circumstances.

You also have patience and a sense of perfection. You are vigilant about your actions in order to provide the best possible products to your customers. You know of course the common pathologies of vision and vision and you are able, with your sense of aesthetics, to advise your customers on the glasses that are best for them, on reliable criteria.

The mastery of machines to assemble, polish, grind, adjust, center the glasses is required and is learned in training optician eyeglass.

Advantages of the business of eyewear optician

The profession of a lunetier optician offers opportunities and remains quite strong. You get a good salary and you have a constant relationship with customers. Eyeglass opticians are sought in all of France.

If you are passionate about your profession, you can set up your independent company and develop originality in your services, which will succeed in terms of reputation, in the face of large chains of eyeglass opticians . These large chains alone account for 70% of the turnover of optics in France: stand out!

The only drawback of these professions of optics and vision remains the work on Saturday, which may be a brake for many.

How to become a lunetier optician?

To access a job as an optician and start your career, it is imperative to have received adequate training.

The Pro Tray

There is the Professional Baccalaureate (Bac pro) Optique Eyewear , a specialization made for this profession. This Pro degree takes place over 3 years and gives you the diploma of optician directly. Attention: with this diploma alone, you cannot settle into your account.

The BTS Optician Eyeglass

The BTS Eyeglass Optician meanwhile, is a Bac 2 degree, more elaborate than the Bac Pro. You can first make an optical prepa and then start alternating.

The BTS Optician Lunetier is selective and you must be a serious candidate in order to have all his chances. File, motivation… everything went to fine comb. Studies to access this BTS are often a Bac S, STL or STI2D.

University Curricula

The Vision Sciences professional license gives you access to the profession of eyewear optician. You do internships and take courses, which gives you a good idea of the profession and the job.

You can pass the DU (University Diploma) Physiological Optics and Optometry . If you want to go further, you can pass the European Diploma in Optometry, which takes place at the Institut de la Vision in Saint-Etienne, or in Paris, via the Association for Private Optics Education.

Salary of an eyeglass optician

In general, the salary of a beginner optician revolves around 1500 euros gross monthly. At the end of the career, this salary can reach 2200 euros gross monthly with seniority.

It is good to know that if you settle into your account, your turnover can quicklyrise according to your services and your reputation. You will need to be aware of the competition, especially with large optical chains.

By offering original products and services , you give yourself every chance to stand out in the home.

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