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a time when weddings come back in vogue with ever more modernity, originality and happiness, the business of wedding planner has grown strongly. With the aim of facilitating the organization of the big day and clearing the bride and groom from the entire administrative part, the wedding planner has become essential At . But how to become a wedding planner? The point in our article.

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  • planner: the pleasure of organizing the wedding
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  • The missions of the wedding planner
    • Managing your budget and service providers
  • The skills required to be the perfect wedding planner
    • Knowledge in planning
    • Qualities human above all
    • Managing a wedding organization and a profession Becoming a
  • wedding planner: what trainings?
  • Make weddings unique events
  • Develop your business as a wedding planner

Wedding planner: the pleasure of organizing the wedding

In the middle of events, the wedding panner has its place. If he takes pleasure in his profession, he is at the heart of organizing a wedding . Because the big day of the bride and groom must be perfect and without burr, the wedding planner uses its address book to make it easier.

Brides clearly rely on their wedding planner to organize the wedding from A to Z. A wedding planner is a person whose company offers services to individuals wishing to marry without bothering with the organization of the D-Day.

A wedding planner chooses its service providers and arises as a discreet intermediary between them and the bride and groom, who are its direct clients. Itself becomes the customer of the service providers he chooses: caterer, sound engineers, DJ, equipment, rental of dishes, furniture, decoration, lighting, florist, animation, photographer, car , etc.

Missions of the wedding planner

The essence of the trade of wedding polanner is in discretion. Its role is to manage everything instead of the bride and groom, for remuneration, so that nothing disturbs the atmosphere of a wedding. The wedding planner thus bears a heavy responsibility , that of satisfying the groom and their guests with its choice of service providers.

The bride and groom may choose to delegate certain parts of the organization of their marriage or to entrust the entire organization to this “little elf”.

Manage your budget and service providers

It should be noted that beyond the choice of providers, the wedding planner manages a budget allocated to him, while taking his commission. It must respect this budget to the extent possible, with such allocations as it deems necessary and logical.

He therefore draws up a quote for the bride and groom and expects to have to deal with unforeseen circumstances . It makes sure everything goes as planned. Depending on its relationship, the providers will honour its requests in a serious way, a significant parameter.

The skills required to be the perfect wedding planner

The prime quality of the wedding planner is its sense of organization and patience. It must be effective, objective, comprehensive and directive at the same time. In order to best coordinate the wedding day and evening, the wedding planner must know the professions of the providers in order to anticipate possible constraints.

The perfect wedding planner is a friendly, friendly and perfect commercial person with an excellent sense of relationship. You have a sense of listening , determination and you know how to respond to needs. Being able to negotiate, plan, sell a project and be heard in applications is an essential prerequisite.

Planning knowledge

Planning is the spearhead of the wedding planner. Anticipating, understanding, knowing when and how to initiate procedures and relaunch service providers is not improvised.

As a wedding planner, you don’t have the benefit of doubt, given the high rates of your services. You must be in close contact with your service providers and know them well.

Your calendar is clear and accurate and you know exactly when to revive, take news, or even when go directly to the person if communication is not done naturally. You have an innate sense of communication and you know how to talk to people in order to please them.

Human qualities above all

Because it’s first and foremost about making the bride and groom happy, you need to know how to have humility and accept changes in plans (with reserve). You are a diplomat and you adapt to the requirements of your client, who after all puts a substantial budget in the organization of his wedding.

Let’s not forget that stress is not at all a point. If a couple calls on a wedding planner, it’s to relieve themselves of this stress. Avoid letting some anxieties appear too much, even if it’s the last minute disaster: you’ll laugh at it later , off!

We judge the quality of a wedding planner to its magnanimity and its ability to manage stress and organization without letting anything clear . So do you recognize yourself in these technical and human skills? The business of wedding planner may be for you.

Management of a wedding organization and trade

In addition, in order to get a pin out of the game, the wedding planner must be able to accurately assess its share of the budget. The benefit of his activity must be able to enable him to live a profession that sometimes involves management unforeseen . The wedding planner is also informed of the charges he will have to pay on his turnover.

Finally, stress management is not negligible: these wedding days prepare sometimes more than a year in advance and must return the bride and groom happy, otherwise the reputation of the wedding planner can be tainted. The wedding planner also takes responsibility for the unforeseen, while sometimes its own providers are at the origin of the imponderables.

Are you interested in the trade of wedding planner and intrigue you? Do you also want to make people happy and take advantage of your relationship skills, thanks to a reliable and operational address book ? What trainings exist to become a wedding planner?

Becoming a wedding planner: what trainings?

There are, so to speak, no trainings to become a wedding planner. The wedding planner is usually a self-contractor who works alone or as a team . His work and his choice of profession is often the result of a reflection: how to use several skills by offering services to individuals ?

Thus, the profile of the wedding planner can range from the communication student to the entrepreneur in reconversion, to the photographer wishing to diversify or even a person working in events.

The profession is demanding: if you have studied communication, events or commerce, you will come out of it advantageous. Some courses exist and offer to review the essential disciplines that will be useful to wedding planners. These courses are usually private, in schools or institutes, and in large cities. Wedding planning agencies are able to train their future employees.

Make weddings unique events

The wedding planner, if he works in aganece, must follow the guidelines of his employer. In terms of relational, communication, trust and how to do this, organizer must be up to the requirements and promises of the wedding planning agency.

At the beginning of their career, the wedding planner in agency can hope to earn a salary according to commissions, with a fixed base. If he works as an individual organizer, the wedding planner can see its turnover grow rapidly depending on the type of audience targeted and according to his talent as an organizer.

In the space of a few months, if you have planned your project well and if you come across a great season of weddings, you can quite live from your business of wedding planner without worries.

Develop your business as a wedding planner

Weddings must remain unique and perfectly lined events. Do you know the adage? A happy customer represents three customers . A satisfied customer will be able recommend your services to family and friends. This can quickly help develop your wedding planner business.

In the long term, an independent wedding planner can set up its wedding planning agency in the event. There is a name, reputation and place in the weddings market, which represent a major business. Communciation is essential for the wedding planner: do not skimp on politeness and responsiveness: this will make all the difference for the bride and groom.

The wedding planner can also, if he wants to “rest” and have more fixed income, join a communication agency or even lead a team of wedding planners. He can make available a large asset: his address book. In any case, it’s a beautiful job in the coming: it’s up to you to play!

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