Differentiate horizontal and vertical

Are you having difficulty differentiating horizontal and vertical? We give you the keys to understanding to better get out of it. Recognize the vertical of the horizontal passes by some simple mnemonic means to remember.

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Horizontal and vertical: definition

Here are the 2 definitions of horizontal and vertical:

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Horizontal — “which is perpendicular to the direction of gravity in one place. The horizontal plane is opposite the vertical plane.”

Vertical — “which follows the direction of gravity, plumb line in one place. The vertical plane is opposite the plane horizontal.”

Horizontal and vertical in everyday life

In everyday life, the meaning of words vertical and horizontal is necessary. It may be necessary to describe a plan, a situation, or just for sport. It can be very troublesome not to differentiate vertical from horizontal, especially when definitions are blurred.

Do you know the trick to differentiate between horizontal and vertical? A horizontal line refers to the horizon , that line behind which the sun disappears. You can then think of a sunset and the sea: the horizontal line — or horizontal plane — of the horizon instantly gives you the answer to your question.

If this is not enough to fully understand the difference between horizontal and vertical, other tricks exist. The word “vertical” contains a “v”, which reminds of rising and standing. What is vertical is lifted. By definition, horizontal is what is lying down .

Horizontal, vertical, abscissa and orderly

In mathematics, the horizontal plane and the vertical plane are useful. They correspond in particular to the x-axis and the y-axis. To properly remember this trick, you can think about the fact that what is “ordered” is “straight” , and therefore vertical.

Vertical and horizontal order are useful in everyday life, especially in architecture or building. If you really do not manage to remember these tricks, you only have to put into practice the concepts of horizontal line and vertical line. You can use templates and exercise to recognize objects which are rather horizontal or vertical.

It is also possible to remember that “abscisses” reminiscent of “low” and therefore horizontal.

Horizontal and vertical in humans

Train at home to differentiate a vertical plane from a horizontal plane, reviewing your apartment or house: it can help! Finally, remember that the human being, before walking upright, in upright and upright positions, moved in a rather horizontal position, like animals.

Another trick to remember the difference between vertical and horizontal is to think about babies . A baby is almost programmed to move from the 4-legged position (rather horizontal) to the standing position. In free motor skills, the baby will naturally seek to get up.

Thereafter, remember that in the natural order of things and in the alphabet, the letter “h” comes before the letter “v” . You can then infer that before being in vertical mode, the baby is in horizontal mode.

You know everything about vertical and horizontal: it is up to you to train in order to retain these differences well, so as not to be mistaken. Between the vertical plane and the horizontal plane, there is only one angle, finally. The abscissas are at the bottom, the ordinates upwards, and the angle between them is 90 degrees , which is a right angle. You can then view axis and table models to better retain this difference.

Good luck differentiating horizontal from vertical in everyday life!

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