Different types of decoration

Interior decoration, there are of all types depending on the style and taste of each. Inspirations are indeed numerous and they can come from many things. In this section, we will try to offer you a selection of the trendy decor styles that we find nowadays.

The industrial style

As the name suggests, this style of decoration refers to factories and the world in which workers live daily. If you wish to reproduce it at home, you can simply pick up some furniture and materials found in this universe: sturdy furniture, retractable lamps, workbenches, stools, etc.

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Pop style

If you want to bring more cheerfulness to your interior, then the pop style will surely seduce you. A set of bright and tangy colors, designer furniture, geometric patterns, these are all styles that will help bring back life to your home and bring plenty of peps, with for example a personalized wallpaper.

Chalet style

For a friendly and warm environment, there is no better than adopting the chalet style. It will bring you all the comfort and well-being you need, especially during the cold seasons. And for this, natural materials, of course, will have to be at the heart of the decoration. A parquet with raw wood, A slightly dark color, beams on the ceiling, wood on the walls, these are the objects you need to turn your interior into a small warm and cozy corner.

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The Gustavian style

This is the most suitable type of decoration for anyone who wants to bring elegance and refinement to their interior. Here, we often focus on authenticity and therefore prefer to opt for quality and genuine materials. Neutral colors are also more highlighted and we will gladly choose charming furniture. For a successful Gustavian style, we will bet more on crafted moldings, wooden parquet, patinated furniture, noble materials, etc.

Chic country style

The countryside is very often associated with a less elegant and less refined style of decoration. However, this is an erroneous idea. It is quite possible to have a chic country decoration style. It will simply be necessary to bet on natural tones and materials of yesteryear. In this case, the pastel and poetic colors, the beams and old stones, the tomettes and the raw parquet will do very well.

Ethnic chic style

In addition to the chic country style, there is also the so-called ethnic chic style. Like the first, this second style also relies on the use of natural materials, sober and natural colors as well as objects from craftsmanship. But souvenirs brought back during a trip can also be added to the decor. Berber-inspired rugs, cushions and furnishings with technical inspiration, woven wall decoration, these are all ideas that can Help you bring a chic ethnic style into your interior.

Green power

As the name clearly implies, the “green power” style is to invite nature to home. Here, the addition of various green plants is indispensable for successful decoration. It will only be necessary to ensure that they have the right disposition. Depending on your tastes and desires, for example, you can place them in different places such as on a window edge, on well-appointed shelves, etc.

Exotic style

Here, authenticity is the master word that governs all decoration. The idea is to draw inspiration from an ethnic decoration in order to promote an authentic atmosphere. Of course, there are no strict rules to follow. You can very well leave free court to your mind and be inspired by everything you see. But to make it easier for you, it is also possible to rely on ideas found on the internet or on magazines.

The classic style

As the name suggests, the classic style is the one that is usually found wherever you go. “We most often use here ancient materials found in country houses as well as in restored farmhouses, modern villas or mansions.” Purchasing Manager at Delorm Design.

Finally, this is only a selection of the styles of decoration that are most often found in a habitat. There are still so many others from which you can choose (high-tech style or geek attitude, Scandinavian style, minimalist style, loft style, etc.). The Essential being that you feel good in yourhouse.

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